Does anyone get BV often?

Just wondering if any women on here experiance BV often. I’ve never had such issues with this till the past year. When I go to the doctor’s the just give me a cream or an antibiotic. It’s been so frequently now that my OB just gave me the gel and wants me to use it twice a week of 6 months. I just think there has to be other options besides this bc let’s be honest, who wants to do that for 6 months. I thought it might be from my IUD; but my OB says it cant be from that, that some women just get them alot.


I would seriously consider changing the way you eat


Have you had allergy testing done?

I get it a lot, I normally just deal and use some vagisil anti itch cream, take. Bath with Epsom salts and up lay yogurt intake.

Yes change your diet. Also drinking a cap full of apple cider vinegar dissolved in a glass of water each day will greatly help regulate your v’s ph

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I have been getting them for the past year and they absolutely told me it’s related to the IUD. My husband is getting a vasectomy in the next couple of weeks and I’m having it removed immediately after they test his sperm count! Also is causing cystic ange all over mmt face, chest and back. I can’t wait to get rid of it!

I only started that after menopause or hysterectomy and my diet prob doesn’t help plus I like scented soaps. But I get them a lot also

Changing your diet may help. Eat yogurt. Also, use vagisil or apple cider vinegar to wash your vag out. If you tend to sweat you can put power or deodorant

They told me probiotics, healthier eating and exercise can help


I had the 5 year IUD and got BV almost monthly. This went on for 3 years. It was horrible. I’ve had it out almost 5 years now and haven’t had BV since. Not once. Get it out ASAP!!

IUD definitely cause it. I had it every month for a year or so and what I did was; I took acidophilus pills twice a day, drank yogurt with probiotics for breakfast, and if it gets bad and starts itching/ burning etc, mix 1/2 hydrogen peroxide 1/2 bottled water and soak a tampon and insert it and leave it for about 5 minutes. You can do that twice a day for a few days while taking the pills and stuff and it should clear it right up. The antibiotics and gel/ cream kill all the bacteria so instead of the good bacteria staying there, all of it is gone and the bad bacteria multiply rapidly and it just comes right back. I still take the pills to this day, it helps keep your PH balanced.

Can I ask which iud you have?

Second or third opinion

Have your hemoglobin a1c done, blood sugar checked. Very common in diabetics

Cut out as much sugar as possible, invest in a really good probiotic, stop taking hot baths and wearing anything but cotton underwear… all that’s seemed to help me. When I was 21-23 I got it almost monthly. It was a vicious cycle. I’ve had it once since I was 23 and I’m now almost 26. I take Culturelle every day and I cut soda out, I don’t take nearly as many baths as I used to. Good luck! I know it sucks.

Cotton undies. Probiotics, no feminine sprays, sleep without panties

Which IUD do you have? I’ve only had BV once in my life and I got it from the paragard iud . I had it removed very shortly after and replaced with the Mirena

Boric acid suppositories is all that works for me

I used to get bv often like you to were I could just call and get a prescription over the phone, this went on for a couple years. I got pregnant did not have any issues down there the whole time until I got my first period and after that was over i had intercourse and that’s when I smelled the bv smell and I made myself appt with a different doctor than i had before and my bv test was negative :thinking: so eventually all symptoms disappeared until I noticed after my next period and intercourse the smell was back, still no bv? So I decided to research this bv stuff and eventually figured out that for me it was a ph level issue…so like when I get my period it throws my ph outta wack. I stopped going to the doctor for antibiotics and started using Rephresh after my periods and bam no more smell or issues like bv symptoms. Good luck, i know for the longest time I felt I was the only girl who dealt with this issue.

Boric acid suppositories. But don’t use them if you think you might be pregnant or are trying to get pregnant

You can also be allergic to semen/sperm and that can cause it. My OB says many women are and don’t realize it.