Does anyone have advice on how to get pregnant after tubal ligation without reversal of the procedure?

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Ivf, course that may be more expensive than the reversal.


Uh…you do know that tubal ligation is done to stop pregnancy? If you don’t reverse it you are not going to get pregnant. You can always get a surrogate to carry the baby.


Is that possible? :thinking::face_with_monocle:

I don’t think it’s possible.

Ivf is the only option…

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Um…thats not how this works the point of getting your tubes tied is to stop pregnancy. Why would you get them tied if you weren’t done having children?


Tubal Ligation Reversal is cheaper than IVF, a Surrogate and cheaper than Adoption. You could Foster a baby. Other than that It’s very slim to None to get pregnant with a Tubal Ligation. Depending on many factors you may not even to have a baby even if you do get a Tubal Ligation reversal.


Pure chance and luck, is my guess. My niece got pregnant 5 years after her tubal ligation. It was a complete surprise to her and the rest of the family.

Wait a few years, apparently it’s not permanent, some woman have gotten pregnant a few years after a tubal ligation.

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You won’t be able to get pregnant after a tubal ligation unless you have it reversed, even then it isnt 100% that you will get pregnant. I had mine for 4 years ago as I have 3 children and 100% knew I didn’t want anymore.
You could adopt or find a surrogate.

Probably a good question for your doctor


U cant…thats the point


IVF or a reversal are the only ways. The whole point of a ligation is not to get pregnant …:woman_shrugging:


Pray for it to fail is the only thing I know of that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. IVF or reversal are your only options I would assume but I’m not a doctor.

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Ivf but from my understanding it’s a lot cheaper just to get a reversal

This is very dangerous and can result in an ectopic pregnancy. Only 1 in 200 woman get pregnant after tubal ligation and a percent of them will be ectopic pregnancies I’m sorry but trying to do this would be extremely irresponsible. If trying naturally without IVF


I’ve read enough stories just wait a couple years and it’ll happen naturally

I don’t think so it will be very hard why did you do it i had two c section an on baby die on is alive thank. God for what you have be blessed.

Depends on what kind you had. Best way to find out is get your surgery and pathology reports. People’s tubes have definitely grown back I’m on a page that it happened to a lot. I personally am getting a reversal next month.

If the tubal ligation was done with clips it’s reversible and but if was done with laser it’s not reversible, and even with the reversal the chances of pregnancy are extremely slim to none because of the amount of scare tissue created by the tubal ligation to begin with, which in the US unless it’s life threatening or the person has already had 2 viable births can that procedure be done before the women’s 40 yrs old, Insurance won’t even pay for it.

I’ve had mine 20 yrs ago. My husband and I often say lets work on having a baby for fun!! We’ve had unprotected sex for 20 years, no baby. My baby boy said he is the last of the best…

What? I’m confused? Why would you ask how to get pregnant after getting fixed without having it reversed? That is bizarre. It really makes no sense at all. Of course you would have to get it reversed to get pregnant! How do you think it works in the first place? To stop pregnancy…good grief

Journeys Of A Woman What is with sharing these ridiculous & unrealistic questions?
Next it’s going to be “How do I remove gorilla glue from my hair?”

Have your eggs harvested, fertilized. Embryo implanted (same way as a surrogate pregnancy)

Only that it is extremely dangerous! You could literally die if you get pregnant after a tubal… I had my tubes untied tho… it was a pretty easy process… the recovery was a bit worse than my 3 previous csections but it was worth it… I had my new baby almost 1 year to the day after surgery

What a stupid question :rofl:


Idk why people are SO rude. I am going to link a video that you can watch. Amber Smith went through IVF after tubal ligation because she was on a time crunch for conceiving due to age. Otherwise I believe they say to do a reversal surgery. She goes through the whole process. Hope this helps! :heart:


Pray that’s all I do

Isnt that where they remove your tubes?? Eggs cant travel to the uterus without those

IVF is the option. I am going through the same thing. My ex husband was abusive and it was easier to get the tubal ligation done like he wanted. My fiance and I are talking about having another and we spoke with a fertility clinic and it is somewhat cheaper because you don’t have to do everything due to the fact that you are not struggling to conceive just can’t conceive because of the tubes. Feel free to message me with any questions. Ignore those being rude!


It happens sometimes because of the human condition. Very few things when dealing with life are 100%. Against all odds it happens. A small place in the tube reattaches. Unfortunately the attached place is normally smaller than the size of the egg but enough for sperm to pass through. This is why the majority are tubal pregnancies.

IVF. Or pray to whatever gods you may believe in that you’re one of the women who have theirs grow back together. It happens. I know someone who ended up pregnant TWICE after ligation. With twins one of the times.

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Definitely get in touch with your ob-gyn and /or a fertility clinic. IVF would be the safest route, and they will be able to help you with that. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

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Tubal ligation is the removal of the entire tube if im not mistaken

Best to talk to your doctor and discuss the safest options.

You’re not gonna get pregnant, that’s the point of it, you need to reversal surgery, especially to prevent ectopic pregnancy


It’s a sterilization method. That’s all imma say.

I know people that had tubes tied then conceived, they weren’t trying. I’d definitely talk to your Dr/OB. I had my tubes removed Dec 2018, wasn’t taking any chances.

Why did you even get it done in the first place ?
People like you who have it done an then decide they want more babies is why it is hard for the rest of us to get tubes tied.
You should have thought about this before getting it done.

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About 1 in every 200 people get pregnant again after tubal ligation in the first 2 years. All dependant on age and how well the surgery took.

BUT there are massive risks associated with getting preg naturally after tubal ligation the main one being ectopic pregnancy which if left untreated CAN KILL YOU.

Also as others have said. You chose a permanent sterilisation method, the point is to have no more children.

Reversal surgery. I had it and still took a year to get pregnant. Also, it’s very expensive and insurance does not cover the cost.

You do know that it’s not a crime to change your mind right ? My goodness :woman_facepalming: