Does anyone have any recommendations for a book maybe?

For a 10year old who has started to explore herself.

My first child and I had no idea it would come so soon (I knew boys usually started early, but I thought I had a few years yet with a girl) and I’m not entirely sure how to approach it. I know it’s normal to be curious and I don’t want to embarrass her but I want to make sure she’s not going to cause her self any infections or damage. So I’m hoping some wonderful author has made a book explaining its normal but it should be done safely and privately? I’m in the uk if that changes anything.
Thanks in advance


If I was 10 and my parent gave me a book on that I probably wouldn’t read it. Like… my parent gave me a book about exploring myself? shutter it would be super awkward to me to read it and know my parent expects me to :sweat_smile: the best thing to do is just tell her yourself. It’s normal, do it in private, and keep hands clean. Long as she cleans her hands then there should be no worries with infections.


I’ve always heard girls start early and boys later. She’s probably not gonna read a book. I would suggest that you sit her down talk to her and answer any questions she may have.


These books should help but, you need to talk to her and communicate with her so she knows that she can trust/talk to you about these things

My 4 year old started last year and my 7 year old has yet to even go there. I have explained their body parts to them with the correct vocabulary of each and they understand that if they don’t wile front to back, they get a rash. I also have them change their underwear each day. My 4 year old now has been more concerned about my now newborn and so my oldest is more concerned about my 1 year old. Their baby brother is going to be explained the same way and taught that his sisters have different parts due to them being y and not x.

I have these 2 available on my website :blush:


I read these with my girls. I think there are 2 books in the series. They go over puberty/menses and how to take care of yourself etc


I found a book all about girls and changes. It covered that. My older two have read it and when it’s time, my 8 yr old will

My Mom took me to a book store, she told me to pick a book I wanted and then she brought me too the kids section and we looked at self care for girls. I personally liked the American Girl book for self care. I got it for my daughter’s. They are very private which is the opposite of myself with my mom. So I’m slowly treading an approach. My youngest does come to more regarding her period and how things work down there and what she should and shouldn’t do. My oldest however has to learn all of it from me and a specialist as she was recently diagnosed with PCOS. I would just get her a book and kind of discuss it together and reassure her this is natural but she must be careful.

Don’t they make book by chicken soup or something

Are you there God, it’s me Margaret…an oldie but deals with all the thought and changes of an adolescent girl… the book is not religous.


I don’t know if it still around go to the library ask for “Are you there god it’s me Margret” my girls read it author Judy Blume or you can goggle it


This is what I went with for my children

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Check out the “what’s happening to my body book for girls”

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Five below has a book it’s 5 dollars amd very good

American girl had a good one when I went through that stage

The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls, Revised Edition (American Girl Library) The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls, Revised Edition (American Girl Library): Schaefer, Valorie, Masse, Josee: 8601404233258: Books


So my daughter is only 6 and I am definitely not looking forward to this LOL but it comes as it goes

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Girls Start before boys. That being said, give a book, but still sit down with her and talk to her

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Maybe talk to her yourself about it? Tossing a kid a book about their body…yeah .i wouldnt read it if i was her.

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The book ‘what’s happening to me’ is spot on

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Not saying a book isn’t a good idea, because it is, but maybe try sitting down and talking to her as well. Let her know your there for any questions she has, let her know that your her safe place when she needs to talk

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There is an American girl one that helps with everything. My oldest got a few and now to my youngest ones

When I was a teenager my dad got me the book “girl stuff” by Kaz Cooke he was a single dad and not prepared for my questions :joy: I passed it onto my niece and my sister was so thankful it ended up being really helpful.


No book needed for us. We just talked about what happens in life. Using really terms and real stuff. :woman_shrugging:

I bought my 10 year old daughter chicken soup for the preteen soul. She’s also getting ready to learn about puberty and the changes in health class. I will obviously answer any questions she may have. But I have four girls and she’s the oldest. So I’m happy health class helps out with stuff :joy:

I took my daughter to a girlology class. Maybe there is one near you. It was very helpful. I also bought her “The Care and Keeping of You” book. Very helpful.

Soany good books, butake sure to talk and let her know she can ask you anything

The earth, my butt, and other big round things. I got it when I was in middle school and loved it. It talks about what being a young girl is like, it’s open but funny.

The care of keeping you 1 and 2! I swear by these books. American girl also has many other books too that we love.

Please try and talk to her about it yourself. Or you could sit down and read the book together. She needs to know she can talk to you about anything and everything. I’d have been so upset if my mum had gave me a book and not actually explained anything to me herself.

The care and keeping of you by American girl is very good. I would definitely recommend going through it together and talking about things with her together. It’s important to keep that line of communication open. I generally tell people that they should start with the basics around 8, 9 at the latest. Especially if there is a history of starting periods early in the family, but even if not, it’s important for these girls to be informed about the changes their bodies are going to be going through even if they’re not quite there yet.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Does anyone have any recommendations for a book maybe?

I got caz cooke girl stuff explain nearly everything:)

American Girl has a couple books for girls about their changing bodies.

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There is a book called my body I belive they sell it at most pharmacies

“The Care and Keeping of You” is great. There’s two versions geared to different ages.


Our pediatrician gave my girls two books both by American Girl about your body

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Honestly, the “Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul” series helped a lot. They touch base on so many different topics that, we as kids, might think is weird or awkward to talk to our parents about.


“Celebrate Your Body” by Sonya Renee Taylor.

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You just need to explain: yes it feels good, do it in private and make sure you wash your hands before and after.

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I had this book when I was little it helped me out alot.