Does anyone know if you go thru withdrawal with Adderall?

My pharmacy is being awful about filling it and todays my last day of my current script

Edit : I am not addicted I just reacently found a different doctor a few weeks ago and reached out for behavioral health as I was really fighting myself. So she determined it was my ADHD, triggering my anxiety and that was triggering bad depression. It got so bad in October I was praying to get taken off this earth.
The new doctor wanted to try the medication with my anxiety meds and see if we could level me out before something bad happened. So we have been meeting every 2 weeks till we get me back going and functional and I feel that I am almost their we may need to go down a smidge as 10mg seems to be 2 much and 5 was 2 little.
I decided to quit my job due to the stress/ anxiety it was causing and due to all the mandates they put in place so I am freaking out as I am not sure when they will pull my insurance so I want to be covered.
I just don’t want to be having a withdrawal or something crazy durring a transition in my life as I have to still be functional at my current job over thanksgiving and reading up as I start my new career mid dec.