Does anyone know of any baby safe pet bowls?

I have a 9 month old and of course he wants everything. Does anyone who has pets have any recommendations on baby safe pet food bowls?


We offer food to our dogs at designated meal times. They eat and then it gets put back up until the next day. Of course water stays out. My daughter experimented with it a few times, but learned that was a no. I try to leave it in an area she doesn’t go often

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We put up a baby gate so our 18 month old can’t get to the cat food and water otherwise he would play in the water and try to eat their food

I’ve learned it’s a lot easier to teach them to stay away from it than baby proof. I would just tell my son sternly “no don’t touch” and move him away anytime he approached the dogs bowls. In my opinion it’s better to do it that way because you never know who’s dog could have food aggression. When visiting family or a babysitter they might not think about it. Same with the stove or oven.

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I know it sounds crazy because ur child is only 9months but in time if u set those boundaries now he will know by the time he’s walking to stay away. Too many children get mauled in a blink of an eye it’s better to teach the child to respect any animals personal space.


My little one was obsessed with our dogs food. She had to feed the pups by hand. Eventually she just lost interest. After a few spills and picking up the food, It was actually quite sweet. I have pugs who are old and don’t care. They have zero agression issues though. Every dog is different so just try and teach to stay away the best you can.

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Microchip pet feeder :+1: only opens if you have the correct microchip. Stops flies hanging around and the dogs eating the cat food.
That’s for the cats who feed adlib, and the dogs only eat at a set meal time so no bowls left out. Water dish outside.

Put the bowls where he/she cant reach it. Thats what i do. I make sure everything is out of reach.

Dont baby proof it. Teach baby NO. We never baby proofed when it came to the pets food, and both kids were fine. Say a firm hard NO, and redirect the child. If the animal/s have a strong routine on time when fed and where it goes when fed, then its up to you as the parent to teach the child at any age that at that time,the child is to leave the animal alone. And if the bowl is down, and the animal is not there, thats still a hard NO. That isnt for them. Love is sometimes being hard and firm. Baby will be fine. :wink: its also not going to hurt the kid if it puts animal food in its mouth…its a lesson learned real quick cause it probably is nasty tasting lol…

My cats bowl stays in the bathroom , she learned to meow at the door when she wants in to eat or use the litter box, bathroom door stays shut at all times

I keep mine in the laundry room behind a baby gate.