Does anyone use a hatch?

Anyone here use a hatch? What are your thoughts? I didn’t use one with my first two kiddos, but my SIL bought one for us for this baby that’s coming. It seems great but I don’t want to pay a membership if it’s not worth it lol we’re already kinda strapped on bills.


We have 3 hatches, one for each girl and one for us. There’s no membership that we pay but we have the most basic model for both girls and just one step up for ours. We love them though plus their costumer service is excellent.

I have one in my 19 months old room! I leave it at a low volume and don’t ever turn it off lol I like it a lot!

My son has one and it’s not difficult then a normal noise machine

We have two. We don’t use the membership for ours but my sil does for hers and there’s literally no difference.

I have one and don’t pay a membership. It’s nice as a sound machine/alarm

I had one but returned it. I didn’t want to pay a membership, and it plays white noise which you can easily get off of YouTube.
Baby sleeps better in darkness so I didn’t see the point in the different colored lights either. :woman_shrugging:t4:

We are wondering what A hatch is ?

Please explain to an old person what a hatch is and why you need a subscription.

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You don’t have to get the membership! We use the white noise every night. We have the mini hatch and love it