Does anyone use the patch for birth control?

I’m 30 (nonsmoker) and have never been on birth control but am considering the patch. I feel like it’s outdated, and nobody uses it anymore. What kind of side effects have you had with it? Am I too old to start birth control? I actually don’t have a gyno right now to ask.


You’re definitely not too old for birth control, but definitely make an appointment with a gyno first and discuss your options and pros and cons with them.


Make sure to discuss the weight limit for the patches. Nobody told me there was a weight limit and I got pregnant on the patch.

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I used it, no problems but when I went swimming it c came off once but it was almost time to change it anyway. I didn’t notice and physical or mental changes

I used it for a short time, I had no problems but when I took it off I would have a white square from where it was that lasted a little while. That was the only problem and I was probably 18 at the time and was fond of having white patches here and there

I never used them, I’m not the type to do the same exact thing at the same time (or within the hour) for anything. Idk what I will be doing tomorrow at 2pm… I have mirena but will get tubes tied as I already have kids and am done loo

Only real side effect most people experience is where the patch sits on your skin is mild dermatitis or irritation to patch location.

I would see your gynecologist

I used it but had the absolute worst mood swings. Discuss all your options with your gynecologist, all women are different. There are alot of options

My sister had it and it kept coming off, well she ended up pregnant

I got pregnant on the patch lol

I loved the patch. It was so convenient. I changed it exactly when I was supposed to…I’m 23 weeks pregnant.

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I have mirena and the first couple months for me were kind of funky, but now it’s smooth sailing for me and my partner. we can’t do the kid thing right now so hence the birth control. And my libido is higher than before.

I have tried all of the above except mirena. I would not do an implant. Too much chance it can migrate to another part of your body. My friend had to have a hysterectomy at 28 due to this. I had the patch for years and loved it. Nuva ring fell out on me. Thats how I got preggo with baby no. 1 :laughing:. The pills made me gain weight. Patch was my favorite. I may go back to that. I’m fixed but need something to help with my hormones and cramps.

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You’re never too old to start birth control… I used the patch in high school but switched rather quickly, it always fell off, I have mirena now for the 2nd time , no complaints.

I used it for a few months but it ended up falling off multiple times when the summer I switched to the pill.

I used it on and off for 12 years between 4 kids and loved it.

It was my favorite kind, i was on it for 5 years got off it got pregnant went back on always. However when i got older then a teen i found i gained a lot of weight being on it. But i take that over a baby lol.

Mine kept falling off when I had it

I use to use the patch and it was the best option there was for me…I never had any noticeable side effects but I know some people can. Talk to your doctor about the options available to you…the patch may work great for you.

I had a cyest had to remove a overy took 3 years to get pregnant

I currently use the patch and I love it… Im usually a straight up b**** when im not on it and I stress and get overwhelmed about everything. When I use the patch it totally makes me laid back and relaxed… I’ve never had any issues what so ever on the patch. I’ve pretty much used most types of birth controls except for the ones that are inserted. I’d also recommend the shot, but not for long term use. ( 18 months+) mine has never fell off and you have to place it on a new area each week. But just because it works for some people, don’t mean it’ll work for others.

I am on it in the beginning I had nausea now I have no side effects. I don’t remember if there is a certain age that can’t use it but if you’re a certain weight you can’t because it’s not as effective. Never too old to have a birth control