Does anyones toddler not talk yet?

Does anyone have a 2 year old that isn’t really talking yet?


My daughter wasn’t talking at 2. Her pediatrician referred her to Early Childhood Intervention. She went thru almost a whole year of speech therapy, she was eventually diagnosed with Apraxia. We’re just now getting other services she desperately needed. Talk with your pediatrician.

My son will be 2 in May & everyone tells me he should be talking way more than what he does … I think kids will do what kids want when they are ready in alot of situations

My son turned 2 March 6th. He only says done, mom, dad, egg, no, yuck, roar, two, Bob, bub, yeah, yay, hi, nana and ew.

My oldest was almost 3 before he really talked

My grandson didn’t really talk until 3. Now you can’t keepbhim quiet :rofl:

My son is 19 months and doesn’t talk.

Ask you Dr for a referral for early intervention for speech. Best thing I did.