Does birth control help with acne

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Most people get acne through what they eat, how clean they maybe or their hormones. Regardless, if your body is prone to it, it might not help as most birth control pills for the period stage are just sugar pills. Stronger contraception that prevents periods take your hormones away so bleeding stops and so might hormonal effects. Depending on your body and not everyone else’s…you might react differently. Outbreaks can occur just through stress, emotions, cleanliness or diets.

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Yes it can do, your best of making an appointment with your family planning nurse and going through your options of what works best,you’ll also need some checks done like your weight and blood pressure and a check that nobody in your family has suffered blood clots ect xx

Depends on your body and hormones i have pcos and gotta get back on mine im breaking out so bad its becoming cystic so back to my progesterone

Yaz does. It depends on the brand.

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Mine did but I believe it depends on the brand

Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Yaz are for acne

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No, the shot made mine so bad.

I have cystic acne. Yes it helps. I still get pimples but not those huge ones the doctor has to cut open anymore. If I stop taking it… I’m right back to mountain ranges.

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Got better on the pill, no change in the implant.
Honestly though mine was 90% stress.
As soon as I got away from my mother it became so easy- just keep clean and I’m good (occasionally I’ll get period acne)