Does breastfeeding prevent pregnancy?

How effective is breastfeeding exclusively as a birth control method. Hubby and I forgot to be safe if you know what I mean. I am 6 weeks PP…. Google is giving different answers save to say will be safe from now on


100 percent wouldn’t rely just on it, definitely get the mini pill aswell!

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Definitely not 100% effective!

Absolutely not!!! Lol
Take it from someone who got pregnant before my 6week check up and was exclusivly bf


You’re more fertile after giving birth and breastfeeding doesn’t prevent pregnancy at all! High chance you’re pregnant again. If not pregnant again, then get some birth control if you don’t want another one before the first one turns 1.


genuine question how the heck does one forget to be safe?


Not at all. The idea is that it stops you from ovulating but that’s completely a myth. You’re actually typically super fertile right after having a baby. That’s why so many woman find out they’re pregnant again at their 6 week check ups.


It’s actually fairly effective as long as all criteria are met, but if you are not ok with a potential surprise, it’s a good idea to use another BC method, as well. Postpartum contraception: the lactational amenorrhea method - PubMed.

It isn’t a birth control method at all. You can definitely get pregnant while breastfeeding.


“Old wives tale”
It was rather more true back when nursing mothers were severely malnourished so their bodies couldn’t handle producing a baby. If you are taking care of yourself, your body is probably ready to make a new baby 6 weeks postpartum


Go to your nearest pharmacy and ask for ecp if you had unprotected sex under 24 hours ago

The only thing breastfeeding does is prolong your period. But if you happen to have $e.x and it happens to be the month you ovulate to start your period well then… there’s your chances… we can’t predict when that is to happen soooo you take your chances… hence why you can’t use it as a form of birth control.

Definitely not safe! myself and my sister :weary:

I stopped breastfeeding my son at a year and half and got pregnant right away… Everyone is different though… I had IUD with my daughter and didn’t have a period whole time I nursed her 3 years! It was nice.

You definitely will be pregnant :joy: keep it up!

You can definitely get pregnant it happened to me :blush: thought I was safe since I was breastfeeding my boys are 13 months apart :smiling_face_with_tear:

Get on the mini contraceptive pill while breastfeeding. I was super fertile

I agree a plan B would be a good option…I got pregnant the day after I quit breastfeeding lol so after the second one I got an IUD as soon as they would let me

All my babies were breastfed and I got pregnant one month pp while breastfeeding.

That’s how my second son came to be

It isn’t. I have friends that are the same age as their brother or sister for a couple of months lol

I was breastfeeding and got pregnant 8 weeks post partum

My oldest are 10.5 months apart. Doesn’t work

Not at all, I got pregnant while breastfeeding just 8 weeks post

If you dint want to be pregnant no s3x is the most effective way to not get pregnant . bc pretty close second.

If you’re still within the window to use plan b, I’d probably do that. Just to be safe.

This is exactly how my sister in law got pregnant with her 2nd….4 months after baby 1 while breastfeeding.

I got pregnant with my third on accident, 7-8 weeks pp while breastfeeding.:sweat_smile:

It does NOT prevent pregnancy - Google is not always the answer! You’re super fertile for weeks after giving birth, even just one drop of precum has a high chance of getting you pregnant. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I mean yes and not but ultimately doesn’t “prevent pregnancy.”
All it is, is you have a breastfeeding hormone that basically cancels out your period hormone. Think of it as the body’s natural way to ensure a woman heals after birth! Not all women experience it, I did not have a period at all for a whole year because I was breastfeeding but I ended up getting pregnant on my first ovulation so I never even had my period I just got pregnant because you don’t really know when your body starts ovulating again, unless your super in tune with yourself.

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Girl be careful I was a month out of pregnancy and got pregnant my girls are 10 months apart and both 9 right now

If it did I would not have my son. not one period between April 2, 1997 and October 2000, daughter born April 2, 1997 and son born Jan 24, 1999.

It is NOT! My husband and his sister are result of this, they are 16 months apart.

Congrats on the next one :wink:

As a breastfeeding momma
… it not birth control and that is why I have a set of Irish twins :rofl:

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I’d take plan B. It’s not effective at all.


NO!!! It does not prevent!

I just wanted to say don’t rely on a pregnancy test right now. After my last baby, I got faint positive 88 cent pregnancy tests for 10 weeks, and I 110% was not pregnant again. (I’m weird and I was curious how long I would test positive :rofl:)
You probably haven’t ovulated yet, but it is possible. I would take plan b if that is safe for breastfeeding, I don’t know if it is or not.

:joy: Well enjoy that positive test soon. Been there done that. But you didn’t forget. You’re six weeks Post and I know damn well you didn’t forget.


Actually, you’re way more fertile when you’re breast-feeding

Who in their right minds ever thought breast feeding is birth control XD most women don’t know it’s easiest to get pregnant right after you’ve been pregnant lol

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It’s a terrible idea. I thought the same thing until I got pregnant again 5 months post partum

By the way a woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have. Your body ovulates and releases eggs on a monthly basis.

Obviously it’s not birth control, but I breast fed for a year and never got a period or pregnant during that time. It’s not an “old wives tale”. It’s also not to be relied on.


My mom got pregnant with me while breastfeeding my sister…

It makes you more fertile

For 2yrs 8 months I could not get pregnant until I stopped breastfeeding. Next child had just turned 2 when I found out I was pregnant.

Breastfeeding prevents periods, but you still ovulate and you still can get pregnant. I know many that got pregnant while breastfeeding and many that haven’t.


Absolutely not . I was breastfeeding my 1st son when I got pregnant with my second son.

I have to grand kids 9 months apart

I breastfed until a year old my daughters almost 16 months and I’m 30 weeks pregnant lol so no it doesn’t work


Have you started your period yet? There is a super high chance you will get pregnant again. Breastfeeding does not stop you from getting pregnant. Maybe think about plan B if you are not ready for another baby so soon?

Definitely not reliable …… :melting_face:
And truthfully even harder than when you’re not BF’ing bc your cycles are not back to normal & it’s very hard to know if/when you’re ovulating, even if you haven’t gotten your period back yet…

It’s not.
It can delay ovulation, but usually it only REDUCES the chance of pregnancy the first 6 months if you’re EBF. There’s no guarantee even then. Also, look at the older generations that didn’t have formula and had 14 kids back to back. Do not risk it.

Noooooooooooooo… Abstinence prevents pregnancy

I have 2 in the space of 11 months… Coz I was dumb and believed breastfeeding stopped you getting pregnant again… Haha :laughing::sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile: noooooooo it doesn’t

How can breastfeeding stop sperm from entering you :laughing: :rofl: :joy: WOW

I have no idea about the breastfeeding but I got pregnant the very first time at 6 weeks pp. My 21st birthday happened to land exactly 6 weeks after our daughter was born and was set to have an iud inserted 2 days after. I ended up canceling the appointment, finding out I was in fact pregnant in the next month or so, and had our son 10 months and 1 week after our daughter - Irish twins (and both born in the same calendar year).

Nursing is not birth control! Got pregnant with my youngest while nursing and, since he was premature, they ended up 8 1/2 months apart in age!

Are you asking if breast feeding is a form of birth control?

Breastfeeding is not birth control

It doesn’t work at all to prevent pregnancy. If you don’t want 2 babies under 2 then get on birth control asap

No. Got pregnant at 9 weeks postpartum. While nursing.

If you have to ask you don’t need kids

No, it’s not a reliable method

U forgot??? How tf u do that??