Does group b strep cause issues with birth?

Any mom’s have group b strep and anemia? Was your baby still healthy or did you have complications like blood transfusion or emergency C-section? What was your labor experience?

If you test positive for group b strep, they put you on an iv drip when you go into labour so it dosnt pass to baby when born


They treat Step B with IV antibiotics. They normally try to get anemia to resolve. If you are anemic they won’t want to do an epidural and spinal, so sometimes mom’s have to be put out for csections.

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I had it with my oldest. I was induced, and got the vaccine for it with my pitocin. It caused an allergic reaction, but I had him naturally and now he’s a healthy 4 year old

I had anemia and everything went fine

I had to have 2 iron infusions while pregnant, and was put on a drip for antibiotics once in labour for strep b. Baby was prefect.

I was positive for this last pregnancy. Baby was fine. They IV’d antibiotics during labor and kept us a couple of days.

I had both, I was put on IV drip antibiotics while in labour, I labour 23&1/2 hours and had my son vaginally and I had an epidural, I had a small blood transfusion about 6hours after I had my son. But no complications with myself or my son.

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Anemia with both, and group b strep with my 2nd. Both are healthy. They gave me an antibiotic drip so the ground b wouldn’t pass to my second one. I tore pretty bad and lost a lot of blood but didn’t require a transfusion. And yes, I did have an epidural. My girls are healthy 4 and almost 2.

Hello I was both! My baby is 2 weeks old and I was induced at 40 weeks just because my dr didn’t want me going over. When you get antibiotics you have to have 2 rounds before it’s considered “safest” for the baby to be born and they give you the 2nd dose after 4 hours. I hated the IV but other than that it was pretty good for me. Because I was induced I couldn’t eat until after he was born but I was allowed to have broth, water, ice, and ginger ale.

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Had both with my oldest water broke at 5 am got to a room at 630 n he was born 647 somehow he was perfectly fine even without the IV drip with my 2nd they gave me some b/c they didn’t know I was positive or not only had it for about an hr with anemia and he was fine

You can test positive for it, and negative literally the next day. They don’t even test for it in most countries. It’s a nonsense concern and absolutely no reason to take antibiotics

I was group b positive with my second child, and reallyyyy severely anemic. I was induced voluntarily at 38 weeks. I had to be admitted the night before induction so they could give me antibiotics for group b and 2 units of blood in a transfusion so I wouldn’t bleed out during childbirth. Baby was born perfectly healthy, no problems at all. :heart:

Both. I’ve always delivered vaginally. The extent of your anemia depends on the need for a transfusion. I’m 38 1/2 weeks pregnant with baby #5 and had to have a transfusion at 23 weeks because my blood count was 6.7, it’s now up to 11.8 I just take iron pills everyday and they draw my blood frequently to monitor it. There has been no discussion of another transfusion unless I obviously lose a lot of blood during delivery

They just put me an meds for iron he was 3 weeks early but healthy just tiny babe but I’ve never had group b tho

I was strep b positive but mine are csections regardless and all my kids came out healthy

I had group b with my 1st. They gave me antibiotics while I was in labor. Other than that, everything else was normal…baby was healthy!

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I was vitamin d deficient as well as anemic and had strep b, got an antibiotic jab when in labour, was on ferro grad c with vit d.

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