Does IBS get worse after having kids?

Any ibs moms on here ? Did you find your ibs got worse after each baby ? I am one month pp baby number 3 and having the worst ibs .


You may be having gall bladder trouble. That definitely gets worse after each baby. Hope you get relief soon.

My ibs got harder to control.
Like once it comes, I need to excuse myself that very moment or I’m done for.
But before my baby, if my ibs hit me at a bad time I could at least subside it and keep it contained for a few.
Kids man.
They wreck our bodies but we love them regardless :heart::joy:

All 4 times I had a really bad flare up right after delivery. It took a while for things to even out again. Bonus, I lost all the baby weight really fast between the IBS and liquid diet.

I’m a first time mom never had IBS. Then 2 months PP it started and has progressively gotten worse the last 3 months. :pensive:

Ask your Dr for Cholestyramine. It is a prescription medication you take every time you eat. It comes in a powder form. Mix it with about 2 ounces of water and drink it like a shot with every meal. It is a class C so it’s not recommended for use while pregnant or breastfeeding though.