Does it hurt having a polyp removed?

I found out today from my OBGYN that I have a cervical polyp growing and is already the size of the tips of my two pointer fingers together… I have a consult in a couple of weeks on the next steps and my doc said I’m probably going to have to get it surgically removed. Has anyone had one before? Was it a hospital stay like over night? Was it a painful procedure?


I had it two like two months ago. I remember nothing of the procedure I was put out for it. Mild cramping afterwards but it wasn’t bad. I was supposed to be at the hospital for 10am and I was on my way back home at 12pm so it was super quick.

My mom gets them removed and she says they aren’t bad!

Mine was done in Dr office. Uncomfortable but not bad

You are given a twilight sedation
Done in 15 mins
Home that day
No stitches
No pain