Does it make me a bad mom to send my daughter to daycare?

I think its all about trial and error. If you think it’s good and will help try it. It doesnt make you a bad mum

My daughter had the same issue. We made a friend who went to the same church as us and her daughter was the same age. Made it a lot easier. See if any other moms with kids her age would be up to a playdate. That way when you take her she sees familiar faces and maybe a friend

I agree with Jeanne but also maybe look at getting your own daycare accredited with offering preschool classes as well. It is always a good idea to set play dates with other moms who are friends with you and have children the same age as your child.

I would start small then work your way to longer periods of time as her confidence grows

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I have no choice to send my 2yr old to pre-school nursery due to childcare so I can work. Definitely not a bad mother they love it and really helps with development, my little boy has come on leaps and bounds since starting. He has been going 2 days per week since Sept and will be going 4 days after half term, needs must.

No, you won’t look like a bad mom. Not sure why you would think that.

I think it’s great to hear you wanting to do that.
Every parent needs a bit of down time to recoup and rest even if only mentally
She will benefit greatly too.

Nope, go for it!! Many that have daycares or preschool send theirs to another daycare or preschool to avoid jealousy issues and whatnot. My son did really well in daycare but he had been in childcare since he was 3 mo old so I could work. I would try it since it is only 2 days a week.

I was a stay at home mom when my husband and I decided to send our daughter to a preschool. We sent her for the social skills and to get aquatinted with a school like setting. She has blossomed so much since then I don’t regret it for a second.

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If she is that anxious maybe try attending with her to build her confidence and see if it’s right for her.

It doesn’t make you a bad mom but it does seem redundant to do that when you’re already doing an in home daycare for other people’s kids.

From my own personal experience I stayed home at my mom’s in home daycare and had terrible anxiety once I was supposed to leave her and go to school I would send her if you’re able to at least a couple days a week to get her used to the routine and being away from mom :blush:

I work in a daycare, second daycare i’ve worked at. Parents think its good for kids but i can honestly say it is not. I dont want to have more kids just because now i know how daycares are and no i dont want my kids in one.

Go ahead. Expand her universe.

I’m a teacher and yes that’s okay. We cannot do everything, we need help. It will work out great.

Iseen a few post about daycare and preschool most “daycares” are preschool you have to pay for it real school is free I can’t get my daughter into a “Preschool” where I use to live or where I just moved it cost too much it’s crazy kids need some kind of school to get ready for pre and kindergarten it a harder transition without it I think. And don’t worry what other people think some people judge to much its your choice what works best for you !!

I did the same…gave him confidence…sent 2 days a week

You wouldn’t be the first provider to do this. I follow some daycare provider groups and several do this. I myself have a small home daycare and prefer to keep my little one with me- to me that’s one of the benefits of doing what I do, but I don’t judge others for their decision. Do what works for your family :woman_shrugging: That’s the beauty of self employment!

Absolutely not! So what if you do run your own in home daycare. I don’t think you should be obligated to feel like you have to keep her home with you. You do what you think is best.


No. It does not make you a bad mother. I think it’s wonderful that she will have the opportunity to meet other little people and grow socially. Do not feel guilty. She’ll survive and so will you.

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Your idea is wonderful. If you can find a daycare that is as good as yours and provides more experiences for her she will blossom. You will always be her mother. She learns from you every second she’s with you. It’s what will help her become a woman

I think it’s a great idea! This way she can learn and build social relationships outside of the home.

I ran my own daycare too when my daughter was born. She was always with me. When she was 3 I sent her 3 half days to preschool. But when she turn 4 she quit going. Come time for kindergarten it was terrible. So in other words let her go a couple days somewhere…it will be good for both of y’all…

She’s only two. Give her time to grow up. Re-think this when she is three years old.

At first I was confused, but I think this is a great idea. If you feel you’re not able to give her that pre k help, then def good idea. Plus I see you speaking of her having anxiety. Being around others outside her comfort zone will also help curb that. You’re not a bad mamma, you’re just thinking of what’s best for your own.

It’s not a bad idea at all. It’s a way to work on separation slowly and for her to learn to make new friends. If you end up feeling it’s not a change that is going well, you can always stop and try again later as well.

@2, why not send her to grandmas, a close family friend or other family member for a few hours each week? Can create new bonds and give you a break. @2 she dsnt need socialization yet, that’s silly. (Sorry to those who don’t understand that) Maybe give her a little more time n then send to preschool. This is the most important time in her life, the first three years. You definitely aren’t a bad mother for needing a break. Parenting is exhausting. Maybe Dad cld watch her while you take a class or something. Good luck!

You have a great idea . I didn’t put either one of my children in daycare . when the started school they both had really bad seperation anxiety… The school handle it really well with them both . didn’t have option to have preschool

It’s a great idea because she will get socialization and learn to be away from you, it also will help when it is time for her to go to school.

You both need a break. Its just as good for her to take a break from you as it is for you to take a break from her. Her needs will change the older she gets. She needs to learn to socialize and play with peers her own age and not be under mom all the time.

Your not a bad Mom you need a break from your child and another preschool can help her adjust from being separated from you a few days a week but plus she might be able to learn more about things from a different person

She needs the socialization of other kids and you need a break from each other. It will help her when she actually goes to school.

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Sounds like she “needs” that time away. I think you would be doing her a favor.

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Do it she will do better at school when she does go to kindergarten

It will be good for her to go to daycare. It will help her anxiety after awhile.