Does it sound like he regrets telling me he loves me?

What if you’ve been seeing someone and they told you they loved you once and you said it back. Then when you go to tell them you love them a few weeks later they say “love being with you” but didnt say i love you too…Do you think the person regrets telling me they love me since they haven’t said it again. He told me he’s in love with me like 5 times at least.


Sounds like it’s a little bit of cold feet. Don’t pressure him. Just let things play out naturally.


I know a lot of couples who rarely say Ily except in special occasions. Might not be his love language.

Maybe it’s just me, but someone saying they are IN love with me means more than just “I love you”. I love alot of people, but if I told them I was in love with them it would mean something completely different (in a good way).


U need 2 settle down a little more.he said it & that he’s in love with u don’t push it ir you’ll push him away

Was alcohol involved? If yes, that changes everything lol

Some people assume that once something like that is said its official and written in stone, others need it repeated frequently for reassurance, find a compromise


Actions speak louder than words some ppl don’t say it all yhe time but if he’s treating you right I wouldn’t worry about it

Men don’t like saying they love you
They say it in other ways.

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Sounds like he didn’t intend to say it when he did, maybe let him initiate it from here on out.

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Dummy…bet he told you while being intimate

Wow you want him to shiw you or tell you all day everyday. Actions speak louder then words.

You are so overthinking this. Just relax.


Yeah… that’s exactly what it sounds like…just fall back for a little bit…see if he pursues You… your intuition is Never wrong…I’m really sorry…so thankful you didn’t let it go on… you are Not being paranoid…:tulip::cherry_blossom::tulip:


I certainly wouldn’t mention it again and purposely be a tinge distant. Men like to chase.


he may just not say it much. ask him

Don’t read into something that isn’t there
Most men don’t say it

Idk how long have you been together??? Like a couple of months??? Just let it play out naturally. Either you’ll stay together forever or break up, there are no other options lol. So just relax a little and let it flow.

Lmao I’m only laughing cause I had someone that was like this to I don’t think they actually meant it when they said it cause it would once on a while I love you other times if I said I love you to him it’d be I love your body