Does it sound like I am going into labor on my own?

I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second. It’s been seven years since I’ve been pregnant; I had to be induced at 39 weeks three days because I was in such unbearable pain with my son because he was a big baby. This entire pregnancy, I have felt that I would deliver early on my own; my body has just felt different. For the past 3-4 days, my boobs are very hot and feel super full and very sore, which is not something I experienced when I was pregnant with my son. I also can tell she has dropped lower. I feel like my gut is telling me my body is preparing because she, in fact will be here early on her own. Has anyone experienced this?


Every pregnancy is different even for the same woman. It’s hard to tell. The last few weeks are rough!! There’s really no way to know if the baby will come early or not. Only thing you can do is rest as much as possible and drink lots of water. If you’re having pressure you can get a pregnancy support belt. Good luck!!

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Well especially with the boobs thing I’d go get yourself checked out.

Yes I experience this with my baby she came a whole 6 weeks before her time. You need to go check your ob and see how much cm baby is she may come early

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Call your doctor or go into the hospital for a check

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31 week way to early. Keep the baby in longer. The longer the better. If u feel off definitely tell ur dr. Nicu is no fun.

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None of us are your OB. Call them or the hospital you’ll be delivering at/ask the maternity unit. Go get checked if you believe it’s something

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3 of my 4 babies I physically felt them “drop” I could hardly walk lol none came early tho. I’d definitely talk to your OB tho

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Every woman is different all I know is I had a feeling I knew when the baby was coming compared to when the baby wasn’t coming now if I decided I wanted to lay down then I could prolong the labor a little more and the contractions would stop for a little bit but if I kept moving and kept it up then I was basically sending myself into labor I felt everything and at first the nurses were like oh you shouldn’t be able to know any of this you shouldn’t be able to feel this you shouldn’t but my body knew

With my 1st pregnancy out of the blue my water broke at 34 weeks and she was born within 2 hours. With my second my water started breaking at 30 weeks I got to the hospital and they stopped it. 4 weeks later i started leaking fluid again they had to induce me & she was born within 6 hours.

Every pregnancy is different. Unless you experience one of the big signs, I wouldn’t worry about it.
Just make sure to have your SO near a phone at all times if they’re working, enough gas, bag ready, and relax.

All of the signs you’re experiencing are just part of the end of pregnancy. Could go tomorrow or not until 42. Hard to tell. Good luck.

Oh and mention your concerns to your OB. They can check you over. Just don’t go running there right now lol.

Please be careful my second baby i was only in labour for 1and 3/4 of an hour

All babies are different! Both of my daughters dropped early. My 1st i had to be induced with at 38 weeks 5 days and my 2nd was c section because she was huge and I couldn’t move at 37 weeks. I would talk to your doctor but these really are not good signs for baby coming early! Good luck

I felt this way with my son, and I just had him at 31 weeks in December. I’d go to the Dr definitely

Definitely get checked out. The NICU is nowhere you want your baby to be. It’s HARD. Better to be safe than not!

31 weeks is too early. If you feel like labor is starting now, call your doctor.

Every pregnancy/delivery is different. I would suggest calling your dr/ob to see what they say. Best of luck!! Keep us updated!! :slight_smile:

It would have been much faster to just call you doctor. Instead you typed all of this on a public forum with non medical professionals and now have to wait around for answers…


Consult with your Dr please!

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You drop twice. The second time is like the 2 week warning, the baby is getting into position. You"ll know because she is sitting on your lap. Get checked by Doctor.

Consult your Doctor, my first two came 2 weeks early. My doctor was sure, and I was sure my last baby would be around 2 weeks early, and be in the 6lbs range like my older two.
He came a week late, and was over 8lbs😱.

I would call…I knew I would have all of my babies early and I did.I never went over 36 weeks.

Talk with your doctor, I’m sure at this point your seeing the doctor each week, if you feel off,call the office and see perhaps you need to go to the office or hospital to be checked .

I would be concerned at 31 weeks. My twin grandbabies spent weeks in the NICU at this age. This is too early.

It’s hard going through pregnancies and getting anxiety under control. I will say this, listen to your body. It’s always better to get checked out than to not listen and wish you would have. This sounds like body changes to me. A second does drop sooner. But girl, put your mind at ease and let them check you.


All pregnancies are different. My first one was a breeze. I was 17. My second I was almost 30. My second one was alot more problems. And aches and pains. Don’t expect every pregnancy to be the same. My boobs get hot and swell right before my period now and I’m not even pregnant. You may just be really nervous. At your next doctors appointment, share with him/her. But none of the things you mentioned, sounds very concerning. Just your body preparing to give birth. But if your that scared go to the doctor

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Are you having contractions if not I don’t think you really need to be concerned. My daughter was 3 weeks early and I had contractions I was hoping it was really but it turned out they were

31 weeks is definitely too early. Call the doctor. If you do in fact start to go into labor they would want to try and stop it. With that being said though, listen to your gut. I just had my last baby April 2020, and I knew very early on in my pregnancy I would not make it to term. Don’t ask me how, I just knew. And sure enough I went into labor naturally at 36 weeks exactly.

Yes with my youngest daughter I was 3 weeks early with her. We still to this day and that was almost 6 years ago why. I say contact your doctor and get advice what needs to be done. If it feels like a contractions get to your local emergency room

It happened to me they got the due day off by 5 weeks, she was due Jan 25th labor started on Dec 27th. She was a healthy newborn 8lb 3oz. Everyone thought she was gonna be a premature baby. If you think you are in Labor go. It could be they got the due day wrong like me


I carried my first one two more weeks after I dropped the nurse told me, that when you drop the baby is getting into position and then it won’t be long so…

For me my girl pregnancy was way different than my boys in every way. My boobs were a big one. And by 6 months I was being asked anytime now huh?:woman_facepalming:

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See your doctor. If all is OK, it will ease yours worries, and if there is a problem, they can hopefully intervene. Pregnancy is not a time to take any chances. That old saying better safe than sorry is very true. I was a labor and delivery nurse, and anytime someone called with questions, I always told them if there was any doubt at all, to come in and be checked.

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I went into labor early and they stopped it at hospital. I had tremendous pressure between my legs. It felt like my insides were gonna fall out. I got put on bed rest for 3 wks but did not make it that far.

I’m 32 weeks and have felt more pain than with my first 2 children. Fire crotch, stabbing, aching and complete pain in my abdomen! I have felt like i would go in labor early because of this pain. The docter said since I had to children before my uterus is stretched out more and that’s the pain I’m feeling. Ligament pain hurts and im heavier this time around so thats the pain I’m feeling. I also had my 26 week glucose screening and I had a slightly elevated thyroid. My boobs are heavy and leaking also because my body’s making alittle too much hormones! Are you experiencing more mood swings than usual? Consider having your thyroid checked! Never worry about anything at all because it can stress your baby!! Congratulations mama talk to your docter about this stuff they should be able to comfort u!

Go to the doctor if you think your in labor. You could have other problems going on. Too early to deliver.

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Listen to your body. If you go into labor, go to the hospital. And your gut says you should pack your bag now. No harm in being ready


Yeah, I’m almost 34 weeks and I’ve been feeling the same. Being watched for pre-eclampsia right now, but I know she wont wait until my c-section date of 2/19!

My entire pregnancy with my daughter, who is my oldest, I was told she would be early. My body acted like she would be early. I first went into labor at 34w6d. Luckily I convinced the staff to stop the labor (they don’t stop it if you’re 35 weeks). She came for real at 38 weeks and was a tiny 6 1/2 lbs. You know your body, just know if it’s very early they can usually stop it and get you a few more weeks at least!

Call your doctor and voice your concerns. If you are going into labor they can give you something to stop it for a while so baby’s lungs develop some more. I’ve had friends deliver babies at 7 months and had healthy babies. And are you 100% you are 31 weeks? You could be farther along, but consult your Dr. They will give you best advice.

All pregnancies are different. But generally subsequent children are faster to be born cause the body already has done it before

Talk to your doctor every pregnancy is different.


Better get yourself to the hospital just to be on the safe side.

The last place I would be asking is FB. That’s what your dr is for . Good grief .


Contractions,bleeding, leaking fluid, or decreased fetal movement would be concerning.

I would contact your doctor or go to the labor and delivery floor.

Definately go see your doctor. It’s too early.

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Yes ! You’ll be ok follow your instincts!! Congrats

I say go get checked out better safe than sorry.

I would talk to doctor make sure everything is ok. Good luck.

Go to the doctor something could be wrong.

Call your DOCTOR!! You won’t be sorry!!

The breast thing could be your milk coming in early, which can happen. It did with my first child, I went into labor about a week later. The dropping is normal also, just means she is getting ready. I agree with the others about maybe keeping an eye on your cervical plug and dilation bc you may go into labor early. Which can have some complications but not necessarily. I delivered my oldest 3 1/2 weeks early and my second 5 weeks early, and both did well and are still doing well

You need to go to the dr

Get off Facebook and call your doctor silly!


Forget asking strangers hun, please get checked out :heart:


The subsequent children always drop sooner than the first one did because your pelvis has been opened before. It doesn’t mean you’re going into labor. I had 5 kids and always leaked colostrum from my breasts weeks before giving birth. Signs that you’re going into labor are low back pain, mucus plug/ bloody discharge, although some women have bloody show weeks before going into labor, contractions that last a minute long and are steady like every 10 minutes and the time will decrease between contractions if it is real labor. I had a few false labor experiences and learned from them. I am so glad I am done having kids!


I felt my first drop around 29 wks I was higher risk and mentioned it to my dr. He shrugged it off saying “ you’re a first time mom and it’s just the extra weight because you’re too fat “ I have been a Big girl most of my life even Wayne 60 pounds more than when I was pregnant I told him I knew what it felt like. I had her just over 31 weeks

I am a little concerned about the changes in your breasts, may be completely normal though. What you described COULD be mastitis, you should reach out to your physician.

Talk to your doctor about it. Every pregnancy is different

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Um you need to call your doctor

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I experienced something very similar to this with my son…he was born a month early exactly (36 weeks to the day) and my water broke but active labour didnt begin until like 22hrs after my water broke

I started feeling the same around 32 weeks. My son came on his own at 41+2

Girl, you’re not going into labor. You will know 100% when you are I promise.

I’m sure she has called her doctor I think she was asking about other people’s experiences as well. Prayers for whatever is going on either way!

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I felt this way!! All the way up to when I started going into labor at 37 and half week pregnant. I was due for my c section a week before my body decided to start the process. We as women knows our body! It’s very important listen To listen to what your body is saying. Call your doctor first thing in morning but never hesitate to ask for help. I hope you have a beautiful pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby!

Talk to your doctor! Especially with your breasts feeling hot and fuller, you could develop mastitis and that is not good.

I “knew” my second was going to be early. She was 3 days late after 54hrs of labor (2 starts & stops, then 32hrs straight until emergency c-section and a scary few minutes after while they worked to get her breathing bc she was blue & non-responsive. She’s almost 3 now, so all ok)

My first came a week early, second a week late. Second did drop sooner. Call your doc. But also, I’m sure you know- but if you feel pain/cramps & think it’s labor-- if you’re up & about at the time, go lay down for few mins. Or if you’re laying & start to feel the pain, get up, walk around… If pain goes away w change of position it’s braxton or really early labor…if it keeps up, intensifies, time to start thinking trip to hosp.

Is there a DR…IN THE HOUSE…With a brain. She’s a NO brainer…For being 31…& baby #2 … …