Does it sound like my boyfriend was looking for a way out?re

Over 6 months ago I received the news that my ex boyfriend of 8 years mother passed away unexpectedly. My current boyfriend of 10 years was “supportive” and told me I should go to the funeral. I did reach out to the family with my condolences and was invited In a group chat with some of the family/friends about photos/funeral locations etc. that I changed the name so it wouldn’t seem like I was getting a bunch of messages from my ex/ family because my bf can have a bit of a temper and I didn’t want him to worry. My ex tried separately messaging me, asking me to go out for drinks and I declined the invite. I did not tell my current boyfriend because I knew the situation was uncomfortable enough as is and I didn’t want him to worry or be upset. My boyfriend went through my phone (which he never does) saw the message and immediately broke up with me because I didn’t tell him. We own a house together and have a daughter together and he still wants to live together until we decide otherwise. I agreed in hopes of us getting back together, but at the same time it has not been easy. I feel like I’m not allowed any freedom outside my house without being completely questioned about it or a fight at the end of the night. I have never cheated and we have never had issues like this in our relationship. There was even one point during a fight he threw an engagement ring at me and told me he was going to make me his wife, but now he can’t trust me. Maybe I’m wrong, but this all seems extreme to break our family up over this. I went to a number of therapy sessions and he only went to one. Part of me feels like maybe he was looking for an escape, but why continue to live with me? We are still intimate here and there and still do things together at times. Even went on vacation, but there are also days where it’s bad and he can seem distant and cold. Idk if I’m supposed to keep fighting for our relationship or let it go.