Does laser hair removal hurt?

Anyone here do laser hair removal? I was thinking about doing Brazilian laser hair removal and eventually legs too. Any options, advice anything?


I am in love with sugaring! Look it up local but my jam is @sugarmewax

It hurts WAY less than waxing, and with the newer technology, your
In and out in 10 min… including undressing and redressing. Love it!

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I’ll stick to threading lol

Haven’t done it but asked about it. Only works on dark hair. Expensive & several treatments usually required.

I’ve done it and it was the best money I spent! My appointments were less than 10 minutes total and after my first session I didn’t have to shave for weeks. I have one more session that I’m saving for the next month and I haven’t shaved in 3 months. I have minimal light “baby” hair so to speak. It’s hardly noticeable. I stay ready and my husband stays happy :laughing:

I did it. It was so expensive! They wanted me to do 9 treatments. After the first 4 treatments, I decided I was wasting my money and didn’t go back. It was almost $300 per session. It was Christmas time and I decided the money was better spent on my kids. The appointments were very quick. It was kind of like a bug zapper. I (jokingly) compared it to electroshock therapy. I could smell the hair burning. Since I quit the treatments I noticed my armpit hair grows thinner now. My pubic hair doesn’t grow on the sides anymore. I wish I could have done all 9 treatments, but it just got to where I couldn’t afford it.