Does melatonin cancel birth control?

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There are no actual studies that show melatonin has any effect on birth control. I’ve spoken to my specialist OBGYN about it and they confirmed it does not.

This question has been asked three times today? Is this for real?


Probably not since it’s a hormone.

Why do you keep posting the same question?

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It shouldn’t, but you should consult your doctor or a pharmacist.

No it doesn’t it’s not a drug

I’ve taken it for years, never had a scare. In my experience, no. It never altered my cycle on the pill, I take an estrogen pill.

No. Melatonin is something the body makes naturally. Some people just take more because of sleep problems. It’s fine taking both together

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No, but ask your physician

I don’t think it does

Always ask your Doctor or pharmacist (they usually know more about drug interactions) before taking any over the counter medications.

No your body make melatonin naturally