Does my 15-month-old talk normal for her age?

My 15-month-old occasionally deletes initial consonants. I have noticed this in certain words such as shoe will turn into “oe” and Daddy turns into “Addy” I haven’t noticed this with any other of her words, and seems to use beginning consonants fine. She does consistently delete them with these two words, though. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is this normal? I heard they typically delete the ending sounds, not the beginning ones.


I wouldn’t worry to much about it yet at 15 months. But if you are concerned speak to the doctor about the issue.

I think she’s fine! It will get clearer as she gets older and better at speaking!

Work with her on it my daughter did the same thing every one even her dr said ahe would be fine shes now 6 and in speech therapy

She’s 15 months old :woman_facepalming:don’t worry until she’s 3/4 yrs old and some kids have speech problems which then means they just need speech therapy


If you are concerned talk to her pediatrician. In some areas like mine you can get free speech therapy until age 3.

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my son is 16 months and isn’t saying anything but mamama and dadadada

She’s just now learning. Give it time for her to get it right. My 2.5 year old is still iffy on his words sometimes.

Yes, its absolutely normal. Some kids are still stringing sounds together at that age and that’s also normal. My 16 month old does it too and occassionally changes words entirely (i.e. doggy/dog going from oggy to dodd)

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Also, some sounds, especially “sh”, “s” & “r” letters/ combinations, don’t come until a little later. They are just harder for them to do correctly. I wouldn’t worry at this point.

She’s 15 months. Just keep correcting. She’s fine


Could she have hearing loss? My daughter did the same and it turned out she was deaf. It wasn’t diagnosed until she was about 18 months old. She is an adult now with children of her own.

That’s ok! More important is the number of words, and is she starting to put two words together.

My son is 4 and has speech apraxia and does this…

Fully normal at that age. Each kid is different and they take time to learn

Every child is different, but it sounds normal for that age.

You can bring her to a speech therapist! My daughter goes. She didn’t do this. She just has a speech delay

Maybe she’s just a baby that hasn’t perfected her speech yet. If you’re really concerned talk to the pediatrician

My son couldn’t say the p sound he would say “I need to fee fee or foop” he could say it at the end of a word but not the beginning. He grew out of it around 4 and talks normal now. He’s 14.

She’s 15 months old. Some babies don’t even start talking until closer to two years old. Try pronouncing the words for her a few times when she says them wrong. Have her say da da a few times until she gets the hang of it. I wouldn’t worry about it right now until she is a little older and it doesn’t improve. She’s still very young and has plenty of time. The best way to teach her is to continue talking to her.

In about 6 months remember this post when you cant get them to be quiet and talks your ear off your head. In all seriousness just give it time sounds to me she’s ahead. They all learn at their own pace.

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If you are concerned, ask your pediatrician on your next wellness check.

Have her ears checked.

2 of my kids had certain letters the couldn’t get properly. First step would be a hearing test. If there is no loss of hearing then speech therapy will be suggested. The younger they are the easier it is to learn the sounds.

My oldest som did that and was diagnosed with apraxia but he was quite a bit older when he started talking. She is probably doing just fine and working at her own pace

Shes doing great dont stress. Kids develop at their own rate and sounds like shes doing wonderfully

Sounds like great milestones for your sweet baby, my daughter is the same age and does this too! They get big fast! And they are learning how to talk, some letters are significantly harder to say than others for babies!

I have an in home daycare and none of the kids I have had in the last year make any sounds at all that sound like words until at least 18/20 months. Sounds like your 15 month old is doing fabulous.

Sounds like she talks great for 15 months. Promise.

Maybe she is tongue tied. Let the Dr check it out.

My daughter is 8 and still calls Grandpa, “Ampa” because it stuck when she was a baby. Completely fine.

All kids are different. My sons just turned one and cant say any words. My step son was nearly 2 before he could

Yeah I wouldn’t worry about it at this point. She will suddenly start saying the sound and surprise you one of these days. As long as she has a couple dozen words (however she says them) and is effectively communicating with you it’s fine

Just continue to work with her. When she goes to say shoe an it comes out oe then just have her repeat until she gets the whole word. That’s how they learn an I did the same with my kids an my niece an nephews…