Does pitocin make labor worse?

Does pitocin make labor worse? They were trying to insert a balloon Foley to dilate me more because I’m only at a 2 and then my water broke in the process and now they are having me on pitocin

Pitocin is used to cause and strengthen contractions but affects people differently. Made my contractions very strong and back to back the whole time with no time to breathe in between. I only labored for 3 hrs but it was hell. I did get an epidural though.

My first pregnancy yeah it made them hurt like crazy, i wasnt dialating so they had to do the pill and pitocin and it was bad. 2nd didn’t need anything. 3rd I was contracting but at a 2 on pitocin forever and nothing happened until my water broke but got epidural right after so once it got intense I was already numb.

It doesn’t really make it hurt worse. It just makes your body work harder quicker so you notice more.

I honestly didn’t feel much different. It just felt more consistent.

It depends on the person. I used a yoga ball when my contractions got strong. My pitocin induction was my easiest labor.

It made my contractions go off chart with my first, like; couldn’t see the peak of my contractions at all. Even with an epidural it was awful. It was more intense than my natural labor with my 2nd, for sure.

Yes when I got it it didd