Does Plan B work?

I’m stupid I know but I would much rather the answer from experience than google. So we had an uh-oh moment while I was ovulating. I took plan b the very next day but I was wondering if it’s still a 95% chance it will work? I took it within the 24 hours thanks in advance


You’re good girl, same thing happened to me :grimacing::rofl:

It should be fine, just make sure to watch for any fucky symptoms the next few weeks. I haven’t heard of it failing often, but theres always a slight chance it can.

Yes works within 75 hours

It’s most effective if taken within 24 hours, so you should be good

Doesn’t always work! 6 months pregnant


Don’t try to get pregnant next month unless you want twins! I used it may of last year and tried for a baby in June and ended up with twins :flushed:


Good to take up to 72 hours after uh oh

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I did the whole plan B thing when I was with my ex… And now I have a 11year old happy, healthy son.

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You should be fine. Even if an egg was fertilized, plan b is supposed to make it to where it cant implant.

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It should be fine but there’s always a chance maybe take another or see ur doc them swimmers can be pretty might I’ve gotten pregnant after taking it and also another pregnancy on the depo shot and condom

It says on the package if you are over 165 pounds that it lowers your chances of working.


I took plan b hours after… I have an awesome 5 yr old now…

Not 100% but no complaints here

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There is ALWAYS a chance all birth control will fail

Lol the morning after pill ? Nope don’t work. Good luck bud.

If you weigh over 165 take 2 or 3 for safe measures :joy: joking

Where was your dignity to tell the SOB to stop. Hummmm.