Does speech therapy work?

My 28 month old son has speech delay and needs ot? I thought he couldn’t hear but he can hear it. I was doing some things at home with him and he can hear me. I hope the speech and OT work?


My grandson is in speech and it works wonderfull

Yes , my son started speech therapy at 2 years old . He’s 4 now and has progressed so much . :crossed_fingers:

My son just started speech therapy about 2 months ago and it has done wonders for him!!

My daughter had a speech delay
She was in speech therapy for 11 months and graduated. It works great or it did for her. It took about 4 to 5 visits for her to interact with her therapist but by the time it was done, the therapist was my daughter’s best friend, she talks great now

Speech and language therapists are amazing! they definitely do help!


Speech and ot therapy are absolutely amazing. Your 2 year old will definitely benefit from it.

I’d day that it would depend on why your child might have a delay. My oldest wasn’t saying more than a few words at 3 and speech therapy worked wonders. By 4, she was talking non-stop.

My son was diagnosed nonverbal at two years old. He was accepted into speech therapy at three years old. He’s now six years old and 100% verbal. Now they mostly focus on his comprehension, and his weekly sessions are such an important part of his routine :mending_heart:

My son started speech therapy and occupational when he was 2 and it helped him and I immensely. We also learned some sign language that helped us communicate his needs while he was still learning. I definitely recommend.

It depends on the child and the person working with the child you got to get the right person

Speech therapy and OT should help.

Definitely. Be patient and stick to it. It’s absolutely beneficial for the kiddo!

Yes it does . Do it as soon as possible . My son is in speach currently and has made a lot of progress but I wish I would have known earlier and got it corrected earlier

My almost 9 year old has had speech therapy since she was 2 1/2. She was speech delayed and then had issues with letter pronunciation. She has made huge strides in her speech over the years. It’s can be gradual and you have to make sure you are really working with the therapist.
When I was in elementary school I also had speech therapy for letter pronunciation and it really helped me.

My youngest daughter didn’t start speaking till about 2 & a half she’s now 3 next month and her speech has come out of no where she’s so good at speaking now, she still can’t say full sentence etc but she trys her best and you xna understand her very good. I was told not to worry about speech at a young age so I never did…

It worked for me. I was in speech therapy for years as a kid and now as a 30 year old adult my speech impediment is hardly noticeable. Helped alot. I would hate to see what I would sound like as an adult without it.

Yesss speech works. Both of my kids are in speech.

My son got checked for speech delay at about 2 1/2, ultimately worked out with therapist that his problem was his family! He would point at things and someone would get it for him - to the extent that he didn’t need to talk! Resolved over a few months.

My 4 year old did two rounds of speech, online, and it didn’t do anything for her. So in January when she was still 3, she started speech at an elementary school now we can’t get her to stop talking lol. She’s come so far

It definitely does. You see a speech therapist and then you are to do the work they request you to do with child. It does work if you’re willing to take the time to help.

Ears checked
OT and speech / eyes check
And paediatrician appointments is where you start.

My son has been doing speech therapy since he was a toddler and switched to the school district at 3. OT is occupational therapy and is different from speech. My son still has a speech impediment but he’s done well with services through school and I have not pursued it privately because he is in ABA therapy primarily and OT and those are more important right now. Yes, speech therapy does work amazingly for kids. Early intervention is best!

Yes it works great. We use Speech Buds in Pineville

It didn’t for us until she started school at four. All of a sudden she took off amazingly. But every kid is different so I would of course try 

Did you have his hearing tested or just going off the couple things you did at home bc my daughter can also hear me but has moderate hearing loss and requires hearing aids to hear 100%. If you haven’t please get him tested. However yes speech therapy and OT do wonders if done by a trained professional my daughter has been is ST for 2 years and OT for 1 year and has made great strides and now gets additional services through her school too.

Yes… my son did it… now he won’t stop​:rofl::rofl::sob: