Does stopping the pill effect your period?

I have been on the pill and decided to go off it because it wasn’t treating me well I’d get really sick It’s been a week going off it , five And today I got my period very light and pinkish and it’s way too early Is this normal or is it because I stopped the pill?

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you sure you’re not pregnant?

Sounds like your pregnant. I stoped the pill November 13th confirmed that I got pregnant on the 19th. I’m 12 weeks almost Haha

You have a period as soon as you stop taking the pill so nothing too concerning :relaxed: you are more likely to get pregnant right after you stop birth control so be careful there. And of course you can always see your OB or even take at at home test if youre worried about it. Good luck :relaxed:

I stopped my pills and a week later i was pregnant. I got sick when i first started back after my second but it went away once it got in my system. Should have called your doctor and asked them to switch if you weren’t trying to get pregnant

It’s because you stopped the pill probably