Does this mean baby will measure big?

I had a baby apt today and I’m 31 weeks and 1 day along and my baby’s head is measuring 33 weeks and 4 days… Is this an indication that I’m about to birth a giant? Has anyone else measured far ahead but baby was normal size when born?

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Did they give you a weight estimate? My daughter was little, measured about a week behind almost my whole pregnancy, but her head…lol her head was in the high 90s percentile. I swear once her head was out the rest of her fell out from it clearing the way.
So basically, it might be a huge baby, but might just have a big head lol

My 2nd daughters leg measurements were 2 weeks ahead, all other measurements weren’t ahead, give birth 40+2 and she was 7 lbs 10

I measured ahead especiallyin baby’s head and shoulders. I had a c section . I could’ve done natural but I didn’t want him getting stuck and then they would’ve had to do a c section anyway

I’m 35 weeks and baby girl is measuring so big that they are hoping i go into labor at 37 weeks so she’s not to big. Her weight so far is roughly 6lbs. It’s possible baby will be huge.

Mine was ahead 3 weeks on his head but not his body they said. He came out right at 8 pounds and did have a big head.

I measured ahead with both my girls and they were both small as hell. One was 5lbs 12oz, the other was 6lbs 5oz.

Half my babies measured a few weeks ahead and none of them were over 7lbs 15oz. She was my biggest baby and measured 3w ahead. I was told they don’t worry unless baby is 4w ahead or behind. I’ve had 3 babies measure 6-8w behind. I freaked out too thinking I was going to have a big baby when my first measured a few weeks ahead and only weighed 7lbs 5oz. 3rd was IUGR (Interuterine Growth Restriction 5lbs 1oz), 4th 3weeks ahead weighed 6lbs 5oz. My 2nd was my biggest baby at 7lbs 15oz. 3rd was my smallest but also my 5th was 5lbs 11oz IUGR I was told was 6w behind. I have 6 living 2 angels

I did I was worried he was gonna be huge but he wasn’t

My baby was measuring 80th percentile at my 20 week and at my 36 week he was measuring a solid week ahead. Only ended up being a tiny 7.3lb babe. Not sure where they get their size estimates/ averages from.

My baby measured a head and they delivered him two weeks early and he was 10 pounds

Both my kids were measured two weeks ahead. One was 7’6 and the other was 7’11.

I measured 1-2 weeks larger my last 2 pregnancies. They both weighed a little over 8 lbs.