Does this sound like real contractions?

So I woke up today having pain in my back and stomach, and it’s only increased throughout the day. It feels like cramps and contractions but not Braxton hicks like real contractions. It’s been three years since my last baby, so I’m worried it could be labor contractions, but they’re not that close together. They just stay for a long period of time. Has anyone else dealt with this, and it was real contractions? I’m only 32 weeks, but in my last pregnancy, I had premature, so it worries me


Its could be the start of slow labour but not active labour as in no broke water n not at 10cent lets push time lol back labour was back pain n cramps n had 15hrs of this b4 actually water broke n went in to active labour. Best to go or phone the labour ward and get checked out hun explain that uv had a prem b4. Xx

Please don’t ask medical advice on Fb, especially about this. When in doubt, go to the hospital.


Call your OB they may want you to come in

Why don’t you ring your delivery ward and speak to a midwife instead of asking here ?


Drink water and lay down with your feet up and see if they stop. If not call the dr it may just be false labor

Call your nurse line honey

Let’s not be mean and hateful in comments :two_hearts: honey in a situation like this it’s best to call labor and delivery or go to the hospital to get checked since your last one was premature it’s always best to be safe and go see no one will
Fault you for doing so! Best wishes for you and your little one


Might have a bad movement and only the doctor will say take tylenol or will give you muscle relaxers.

I would not take any chances, I would go straight to the hospital.

Sounds like braxton hicks. If you are concerned go to labor and delivery.
But till you decide. Drink water and prop you feet up

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Braxton Hicks. Really contractions will get stronger, closer together. If you are concerned, just call you doctor and they can tell you what to look out for.

If u already delivered premature I would definitely call the doctor or go in to be sure

Its possible. I had excruciating back ache with my Son. I couldn’t lie down, i couldn’t sit, i was just genuinely uncomfortable the whole day. By 1:30am my back ache became so sore, i asked Hubby to take me to the Hospital. Upon arrival I was already 3cm dilated, and unaware. Nurse said, I was in labour the whole day, unbeknownst to me. But every Woman and every pregnancy is unique, if you feel uncomfortable, rather get professional, Medical advice and care, if you fine and not in labour, they will send you home and you will have peace of mind.

Call or go to hospital. Never take a chance. Second babes almost always come quicker once labor starts. And if it’s early labor and you wait too long they might not be able to stop it.


So im 35 weeks with my 4th. And at about 33 weeks I started experiencing exactly what you’re describing. It lasted longer than Braxton Hicks and was kinda like labor pains but not quite right. So I found out that it was bc baby’s head was down like normal but her forehead stays pressed against the bottom of my spine most of the time. If it was the back of her head I guess it wouldn’t cause as much pain…but since its her forehead it’s excruciating. Ya know how a toddler sleeps with their butt up in the air?! Try that…that helps relieve the pressure if that’s what it is.

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I would call your doctor and go in just in case. I thought I was having braxon hicks at 25 weeks and it wasn’t. Had to be put on bed rest as I was dilating earlier and gave birth at 28 weeks. Especially if you have a history of premature birth definitely go in to get checked. Better safe then sorry!!!

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Always be safe rather than sorry!!! Go get checked!!!

Go to doctor!! Better safe then sorry. I had my first premie at 36 weeks. Next baby I went into early labor at 33weeks 3 days. They were able to stop it. Woke up 2 days later and my water had broke and contractions were strong!

If you have had a premie before you are more likely to have another

I couldn’t even feel my contractions when they were 3 minutes apart. Only reason I went in was cause my water broke! If you’re feeling something out of the normal for you (that can’t easily be explained by normal pregnancy changes) , it’s always worth getting checked out :grinning:

If they get closer together then u need to worry. Call ur o.b. nurse line

Sounds like Braxton Hicks to me. From what I’m told by my ob and from my experience with my first, the contractions come and pain only last for about a minute, then goes away and comes back again for another minute. I’ve been having some pain that comes and stays for a couple hours and it’s said to be Braxton Hicks. If the pain comes and goes and lasts for only a little bit or if the pain comes closer together in time I’d go in.

I think Braxton hicks. The pain will continue and just get worse, not going away.

I’m not a woman but I am the father of 10. My wife had contractions off and on for two months before our 9th child was born. When our last daughter was born, I had to catch the baby because our doctor step out of the room to check on another patient. So anything is possible, go see your doctor or Emergency room, ASAP. Better to be safe then have to deliver your own baby.


My OB always said if your not well hydrated it could bring on Braxton Hicks as well as if you are cramping take a warm bath if the pains do not go away after a warm bath to call I had also found towards the end of my pregnancy with my youngest that if I had to pee it would cause Braxton Hicks contractions

All 5 of mt babies were preemies, and i never had contractions with 2 of them! My water just broke! My 1st I didnt feel the contractions at all! Every pregnancy is different an babies come on their own time!! Get checked out, better safe then sorry and to put your mind at ease!!!

It sounds like Braxton Hicks but that can cause early labor if it seems to even out, staying consistent, and getting more painful. It can be hard to tell when it shifts to real labor so I’d go get checked. Both of my babies were premies and I actually waited really long for my 1st to go to the hospital thinking they were Braxton Hicks. My 2nd premie came 2 weeks earlier than my first premie.

Anything is possible I had a dull ache in my back and just felt off went to the doctors got Told I was fine had my son 42 minutes later at 32 weeks

You could be experiencing your baby dropping, and you dilating more. This is exactly what I felt as that happened for me around 36 weeks (my dr confirmed that what I’d been feeling were in fact contractions, because it also happened while I was with her!!). I would definitely monitor the cycles of these contractions, and time them (there’s apps for that!). Mine would come and go randomly, but not last more than 45 minutes. When I went to get checked a few days after a few of these episodes, I had dropped dramatically and I was dilated to 4 cm (I had been dilating slowly since 26 weeks, though). at 39 weeks I did experience back labor, which felt very similar to those, but they were definitely closer together and much more intense. It wouldn’t hurt to call your dr or L&D!

Call your midwife or ob

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This question should go to a medical professional

Drink a BUNCH of water, sit down and wait 45 minutes.

I had a preemie at 34 weeks, only had “back pains” on and off. They were contractions. I went into the hospital looking for pain meds and left several days later with a baby. Was completely unprepared.

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I had back contractionS with my 2nd child. I went to the hospital cause I was worried when the pain just wouldn’t stay away. I was told it was nothing to worry about and was to be discharged, but as I was getting ready to go home a big contraction came. 15 minutes later my son was born


I though a thousand times random pains were contractions but when the real thing happened I instantly knew it was the real deal lol I don’t know that it’s that way for everyone but I had no doubt


Go to the doctor. I had the same thing and wrote it off as hurricane prep and being tired, woke up from a nap and my water broke, at 33 weeks. Go get checked.

Go to doctor and do not listen to advice on FB. Each & every pregnancy is different.


If they cannot be timed and are not increasing in intensity or timing, it’s prolly just Braxton Hicks. If you lose your mucus plug or your water breaks go to the ER.

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My labor was all on my back and I thought I had slept wrong . My sister asked how far apart was my back ache by the time she got me to the hospital I was 1 hour away from birthing my second child.

with having a premature baby Id go get checked always always go get checked if you doubt yourself that way you can never say I should have


So call your obgyn and time them. Also best to rest and drink water.

Is it picking up a regular rhythm? That would be a big indicator of labor. Either way, call your OB and ask them since they know you and your history.

Ul know it’s real when it doesn’t go away at all it just stays and gets worse. U could be like that for days weeks I was like that for two whole weeks before I had baby

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Call your ob. I went into preterm labor with both of my kids. My second I was on progesterone shots from 16 weeks on to help, but I still went into labor early. Luckily both were able to stay in an extra 5 weeks and my son was born at 35 weeks and my daughter 37. Don’t risk it.


If it worries you please please go see a doctor asap… I am a staunch believer of “better safe than sorry” especially when it comes to my health or the health of kids in my family…

I had back labor with my middle child. I was in pain all day and no matter what I did that night I couldn’t get comfortable.

If you are worried then that should be all the reason you need to go to the doctor. Even if everything is fine, it will give you the relief you’re looking for.

Safest thing to do is get checked out, you never know. I used to get embarrassed the amount of times I went in for “false labor” but that’s what they are there for!


I had something similar. And the baby had turned breech. Had to have an external version. But call dr for sure

Yeah let me ask Facebook instead of calling my baby doctor first :roll_eyes:


Why have a laugh react to this question?

Try drinking a lot of water and lay down. If they go away or stop you’re good, if not then go in amd get checked.

Call your doctor would be my suggestion. They are much better at medical stuff than most on here.

Could be Braxton Hicks. You will know when its real labor. It won’t stop. You can go in and be checked or to your Dr.

Yes you can have back labor. I had it with my 2nd child.

Please go to the Dr. Even if you’re not sure, just go. Better safe then sorry.

I hope you called your doctor and got checked out. Don’t take advice on Facebook. :woman_facepalming:

5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute for 1 hour.

I am an EMT and I think you should get to your doctor immediately.

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Go in get checked better be safe then sorry

Why would you ask on fb. Call your doctor and go see him.

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Common sense call your ob gyn or go to the hospital

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drink some water, lay down, and call your doctor

I would call your dr

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I think you should probably call your ob.

Call or goto obgyn it’s safer than asking on FB

FB is not the place to get help. Call your physician.

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Sounds like Braxton Hicks

When in doubt het checked out

You are posting here?? Go or call your doctor!!

Really?? Call the Dr

Go to hospital. At 38 weeks I was nauseous couldn’t hardly stand up & was having contractions. Went to hospital thinking it was time only to find out I was severely dehydrated :woman_shrugging:t2: got fluids in an iv & was sent home. The following week my water broke while walking my dogs no pain nothing. Once I arrived at hospital the contractions started. Every pregnancy is different

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I would definitely call your OB/GYN…I had the exact same thing happen to me at 33 weeks and I was actually 1 cm dialated. :grimacing:I had to have the Terbutaline injection to stop me from dialating and possibly going into a premature labor. I ended up making it to 37 weeks and gave birth to my healthy baby boy. It could be false labor but it’s better to be safe than sorry. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I had steady real contrations from 24 weeks in fact I had to go on bed rest because it dialated me to 3cm. I almost had my son in the bathtub because I listened to the labor and delivery nurse when she saud they were just Braxton hicks. Trust your gut and go get checked. They would rather see you a 100 false times then miss the one real time and you deliver at home or on the way.

This isn’t a question I’d ask on social media. Either call or get to the the doctor.


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Go to the hospital and get checked out !
You should not ask for advice on FB !!!

My doctor’s told me that you can be in the first stage of labor for weeks for some women, so that may be a possibility, but I would encourage you to call your nurse line. You need advice from someone who knows about your specific situation and pregnancy, because what pregnancy was like for one person may not be what it’s like for you.

Lay down and relax and see if it goes away I’ve had some Braxton Hicks contractions that lasted all day long but as soon as I went to sleep and they were gone but even though I was uncomfortable you know the difference you instinctly know there’s just that feeling that you either got to get to the hospital or your body just starts taking over

Because if you think about it the Braxton Hicks are just your body starting to get ready to have the baby it’s starting to prepare itself now if you are trying to stress yourself out over it then yeah you can wind up going into labor because of it so you need to try and relax

Call your physicians office. It’s best to get your information from them. Some women have back labor pains and with your history you shouldn’t risk not being checked.

If you have a history of early pains then definitely go see you ob. Its better knowing than worrying

All I ever had was back labor and waited too long to go in… please get checked out (and best wishes on the new baby!) :heart:

… no need to w0rry f0r thats n0rmal… i think your just tired…, just like me with my 2nd baby because i w0rk a l0t… just take a rest, but if you are w0rried better g0 t0 the h0spital