Does this sound right?

Has anyone’s pediatrician ever said that the kids need to try one bite of a vegetable and if they don’t to send them away from the table until they do? I feel that’s a bit extreme cause my kid is not big on veggies unless it’s broccoli or corn, so I know she wouldn’t take a bite of other veggies.

I’ve always had a “rule” in my house
Try it once if you don’t like it try it again to make sure
Worked amazing for my child


We had a pediatrician who made sure to verse himself in nutrition but also aversion for kids. And he told us that if you force kids to eat food they do not like that it will actually create picky eaters. That the easiest thing to do is to make everyone’s plate the same and then do positive encouragement as they eat. So “Oh my goodness, look at how good you are eating. You are doing such a great job. I’m so happy to see you eating your whole plate.” It gives the child the encouragement without the force of jamming “non-preferred foods” down them with resistance. I’ve been doing it with my kids for years now. And I don’t have super picky eaters anymore.


We made a deal they had to try everything if they didn’t like it the didn’t have to eat if, but no crying or gagging just try it and done. They could have something else.


What works for one kid doesn’t work for all. My kids have a rule that if it’s something new they try a bite. If they don’t like it that’s fine and they don’t have to eat it. But I’m not gonna send them away from the table to not eat at all


as the child gets proper nutrition, (I recommend the fruit/vegetable apple sauce Like pouches( that it doesn’t matter. It’s actually a control issue, and pretty much the only thing they can control, but it does help teach them to think for themselves, and helps opinion making and character. Plus, there taste sense is still developing so it will come in time. Snacking several small meals throughout the day has also been proven to be blmore beneficial even in adults. Fruit/vegetable smoothies in a blender are cool, just don’t let them see it. Children rely more on sight before taste. Also, adding cucumber or something and letting it chill in the fridge, maybe adding a natural sweetener, but usually cucumber in the water is refreshing


My rule was try one bite. If u don’t like it you don’t have to eat it. He is 25 now and will try almost anything

Mine only eats corn and no other vegetable at all the only thing they told me was to give her a vitamin every day to make up for what she’s lacking with not eating her vegetables. She gets 2 gummies and 1 vitamin C pill every morning

My sons pediatrician told me “it was normal” and “he’d grow out of it” when I brought up concerns about him not talking, not a single word, when we were about to start kindergarten. I should have dropped him then and found someone better, but instead I kept him and just found a way around the doctors recommendation to get my son speech. Finding another doctor could have helped so much. If you think something is wrong, always get a second, third, fourth opinion. Btw I personally disagree with the pediatrician. Forcing your kid to starve until they do what you want is abuse and it’s how you create eating disorders.


I hate cooked vegetables… my parents didn’t make me eat them…I love raw vegetables… my girls loved cooked veggies… let her pic and choose what she likes… let her pic some out and try what she wants

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Nope. I would find a new pediatrician. I left my first one because he was telling me to wean her off of breastfeeding at 9 months :flushed:


Just try others with them. I wouldn’t punish my kids just because they don’t like lima beans. I did tell them that I don’t understand why they suddenly don’t like XYZ because loved them when they were babies. It was a lie, but they didn’t know that.

I don’t have any children yet but I know as a child I didn’t like vegetables unless was corn or potatoes but as an adult I love virtually any vegetable. I personally believe that when you grow older you just eat more vegetables

I’ve got an SPD kiddo.
Food is a issue.
I’ve not heard this particular one…but I will say I have heard a lot of different things… And realistically what works has a lot of “depends” factors.

My rules have sort of gone like this:
*If I KNOW my kid likes something then yes I expect him to eat it. No I will not make him something else.
*If it’s something he’s been adverse to (like he hates pasta) I will serve a little but I won’t make him eat it.
*If it’s something he hasn’t tried I will encourage him to try it (I might even bribe him a little :upside_down_face:) but I don’t force it.
*I keep the veggie and fruits he does like on hand and will give him that after everyone else has eaten (having him wait gives him plenty of time to decide to try something knew and makes him practice patience which is a big issue right now)


Everyone has different rules surrounding food. My kids for the most part love vegetables. If I’m making a veggie they don’t like I’ll also make a veggie they do like and they have to pick one to eat or some of both. But in my house vegetables aren’t an option once they’re about 3-4.
Giving them veggies first while they wait for the rest of the meal to be ready helps too, especially for young kids. If they’re really hungry they’re more likely to eat it.

Sounds kind of harsh to send them away from the table. You should make them try veggies but not force them to eat it

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Try sauces they like . Changing the taste maybe even the texture.
They have other ways to make sure kids are getting all the nutrients they need:

Um no, id get another Paediatrician. Forcing kids to eat can lead to really unhealthy relationship with food.

Pediatrician obviously has no children with autism.


I’ve never heard a pediatrician suggest that, but each child is different and what works for one child won’t work for another.

Our rule for our children are that if it’s something new, they have to try it. If they don’t like it, that’s fine, they don’t have to eat it again. I also allow my kids to make their own plates with the rule that if you put it on your plate, you eat it. Sometimes that results in clean plates, other times their eyes are bigger than their stomachs and the plate gets put in the microwave to be finished later.

Children’s tastes also change over time. My 9 year old loves burgers and hot dogs, but used to never want cheese on her burger and would never eat the bun. Now, she wants cheese and the bun. She also never used to like anything BBQ and now she loves it.

Kids are weird. One day they will eat a whole bunch of bananas and the next day the hate bananas.

I would offer the veggies and if it’s a new veggie, have her take a bite. If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t like it and don’t force her to eat it. As adults, there are plenty of foods that we don’t like.

My son has always ate vegetables and fruits only thing I know he don’t like is sweet potatoes but my family was raised vegetarian so it isn’t nothing for us to make a meal out of just veggies and chips with some ranch dip neither of my kids are picky on them I guess it’s cause weve been eating like that since they were tiny totes

Try hiding veggies in your dishes. Blending them into sauces helps tremendously

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I would agree kids have to learn how to eat right one way or another if we are not exposing them to good solid healthy foods they will never learn how it is nor will they ever develop their pallet.

I do this with my daughter she’s 3 and if she don’t like what I put infront of her she has to take 3-6 bites of everything and often times the plate gets back infront of her if she claims she’s hungry later.

But she’s also the 3 year old that asks for salmon , rice , green beans , asparagus and all of the healthy things cuz she was raised on it from the time she could eat. So we rarely have food issues.

For my nieces I just throw cheese on them and it works lol :joy:

Omg please don’t do this. There are plenty of ways to get ur kids to try new foods. Alot of it for most kids has to do with how the food is prepped or presented. …try the same food, made in different ways, multiple times. Please don’t send ur child away from the table because they didn’t want to eat something, this causes way more damage than it does good. Make everyone’s meals look the same, have ur child watch you eating the same things they r eating…it takes time, support and encouragement to get kids to try new foods and almost 100% of the time it takes more than 1 try. Do not make it a punishment.