Does your husband has a say in you getting tattoos?

Do you let your husband decide what you can do with your body? I was showing my husband a tattoo I wanted to get this year and be shot me down and told me absolutely not… he doesn’t “like them on girls”


My husband is against tattoos, so I don’t get tattoos. I like his beard, so he don’t shave it. It isn’t really a “he told me I cant” thing but me respecting what he likes and he does the same. :blush:


Go get the tattoo and put it on his credit card.


A long time ago, a person I was seeing told me he liked long blondes and I needed to bleach my hair and keep it long. I cut it off in a pixie cut and dyed it black. Not saying it’s good advice but…


My next husband wouldn’t mind! :woman_shrugging::rofl:

I absolutely wouldn’t allow my husband now to tell me what I can and cannot do with MY body. But I’m very strong headed and he knew that about me before marrying me. I think those In my honest opinion, those words seem rather toxic and controlling. Best wishes for you, I hope you can get the tattoo you love :heart:

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My husband has no tattoos but doesn’t mind that I do. I do ask his opinion first though out of respect


Your body your choice. Those specific words are toxic.
As your partner I feel like it’s okay to ask him his opinion but not let it detour you.


No …. As with everything in regards to my body… my choice.
One time my husband was being snarky and said something about a younger (GORGEOUS!) woman that was tatted up; (for the record her tattoos consisted of a sleeve and a shoulder tat; she was beautiful, even I couldn’t take my eyes off of her lol) … and I looked over at him without skipping a beat and said something about him eyefukn her since she walked in the bar …. That’s when the fight started … I’m just kidding of course there was no fighting :rofl::rofl:

Why does a man ever think that he gets to have a say in what a woman does with or to her body? I’ll tell you why, because WE let them.

Don’t let them ladies!
I got this as a memorial tattoo for my bestie who passed away unexpectedly (MS complications); my husband said when I got this “I’m not getting one” to which I replied “no one asked you” …. At the end of the day it is YOUR choice.


Why would he ever have a say? Is your body, do what you want.v that goes for anything related to body autonomy.
And However he reacts is on him and whatever happens from there you’ll deal with it or move on.


I ask my husband his opinion of the design and placement of mine. He isn’t a fan of them for himself but knows it’s something I enjoy for my own self confidence. I’d probably never get a design he didn’t like though.


Yes I take into advisement what my husband likes and dislikes even when it comes to my body and appearance.juat as he takes my wishes, likes and desires into consideration. If not it makes it hard to be a good functioning relationship.


No, I’ve gotten tattoos and piercings he hasn’t liked or wanted me to get. It’s not up to him.

I’d say too bad my body. My ex told me no more tattoos so what did I do I went and got 5 more. Don’t tell me I can’t do something

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He’s allowed to have his opinion but it’s my body :woman_shrugging:t2: I’ve always made that very clear and he’s never told me “no” before. I’m going to do what I want with my body and he either accepts that or he doesn’t :woman_shrugging:t2:


Nope!! I always kindly let him know what i’ll be getting. I pay for them along with my lips and eyelashes. He doesn’t tell me what to do and always supports me.

My husband doesn’t like tattoos, but is fine with me having them. Mind you I don’t ask everytime I get one, if I want it I go get it.
I do respect the fact that there are certain places on my body he would prefer I not get them.

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My husband tried that and I went and got one… It’s my body.

My BF’s PREFRENCE is girls with long hair…over the summer I shaved my whole head just cause I can-he made it very clear he loved my long hair(I do too) but still loved ME, my hair was not a deciding factor in his love for me. I would never deal with a man who thought he had full say over anything about my physical appearance.

It’s his opinion but it’s your body, you can do as you please with it. If you are paying for it with your own money, I’d say get it where it isn’t as noticeable so it’s not something he has to see at all times as a compromise.

:joy: get a new husband. Jj. Mine doesn’t get a say. He can have an opinion but I’m doing what I want.

My husband has virgin skin. He has no desire to get any kind of tattoos.

Me, I lost count when I hit 50 tattoos and I’m not done. He knows this and he doesn’t care because he loves ME.

My tattoos are for me, not him and not anyone else.

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I have 7 tattoos, my husband is not my keeper, he is my partner in life but he doesn’t own me or my body. I will listen to his suggestions and his opinions but at the end of the day I am my own person and make my own decisions.


I’d tell him you don’t like that kinda attitude about your body from boys! My husband and I discuss the finance part of tattoos but, he’s never told me I can’t get one. He’d be late to that party anyway as I have 12 and he was there when I got my last one


Her asking her husband about a tattoo shows she has respect of what her husband thinks which a lot of women doesn’t and that’s why a lot are single. I don’t care for tattoos on men or women because as you age they look awful. And before anyone starts I have my opinion just like you but I do believe in having respect toward what you and your husband has.

Imo I don’t think it is him trying to control you, as it is his personal preference as to what he thinks is attractive or sexy in a woman. Some men don’t find tattoos sexy, to each their own. I think you should have a real conversation to find out his exact reason. Sometimes you have to pick your battles wisely, if you get a tattoo or tattoos and notice your husband doesn’t seem as into as he once was will you be able to deal with that?

Absolutely not! It’s my body. I will tell him how much I’m spending and if he asks what I’m getting. If I liked it and he didn’t it wouldn’t matter to me because it’s going on my body not his.

Your husband doesn’t own you, your body or any decision you MAKE regarding your body. Hes entitled to his opinion on whether or not he likes tattoos. But he is NOT entitled to tell you what you can and can’t do with your body.

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Only thing my husband ever advised against was when I shaved the underside of my hair LMAOOO…being honest I should have listened…it took forever to grow back out.

I am so happy my husband loves me for more than my appearance :sweat_smile: of course I ask my husband for his opinion, buuuuut if I want to change my appearance I do it regardless. As does he.

We never once had an “agreement” on physical appearance and that’s so weird some of you do. Your husband doesn’t own your body and if he really loved you, he wouldn’t care if you got that tattoo.

I take my husband’s wishes into account, he takes mine into account, but we dont as permission. I’m an adult woman, not a girl. I’ll do what I want with my body.

My ex husband told me I wasn’t allowed to get my eyebrow pierced. That’s not the sole reason he’s my ex, but you can bet it factored in. My body is no one else’s property.

My husband doesn’t mind tattoos on women but has a problem with my chest tattoo being big. I personally don’t care what he thinks because it’s what makes me happy. None of my tattoos are on my face, hands, etc and none are inappropriate. Just like I don’t judge or tell my husband what to do he has no right telling me what to do.

I would say I understand your thoughts and opinions but I’m not just some girl I’m ur wife and I would like … and say if you want me to be happy then I don’t see a problem getting a tattoo as long as it’s not covered my body. It’s about understanding each other’s happiness.

My husband isn’t a huge fan of tattoos either. And I have a few… he has NEVER tried to tell me if I can or can’t get more. He’s actually helped me pick out some ideas for a cover up I’m getting done. It’s your body, do what you want to do. BUT, explain to him that it’s really something you want to do and ask him to help you find something you both like and think would look good if it’s that big of an issue! If it’s something that would cause a HUGE problem in your marriage, then I suggest compromising. A tattoo isn’t worth losing your marriage over, or causing unnecessary fights. This is my personal opinion tho! You do you booboo! It really is something you have to decide and if you want to pick them at type of battle if he feels so strongly about them.

For me personally I would never do such a thing if my husband didn’t approve…but at the same time I would expect me to give his opinion but not forbid it. He is my partner and partners are in everything together. Not everyone has the same definition of being married though and that’s fine. I think the only proper answer to this question would be to look at what marriage means to you.

My husband lets me get tattoos but I make sure that he’s going to like to see them on me. If he doesn’t like one that I chose then I just chose a different one.

My man has a preference and I’ll ask his opinion on body modification but he never tells me no I can’t do something with my body. Would never tell me no to a tattoo or piercing

My husband may not like my tattoos but he’s smart enough to know it’s my body, So I do what I want with it and he tells me they are “pretty or nice” when I get them :grinning:

My husband and I have an agreement that he can’t get one unless I can too because…fair is fair :joy:
He wants one on his neck but he’s not allowed to shave his beard, due to our vows literally being “till death or you shave your beard” so that’s the only no.

Seriously though, he’s never told me I couldn’t do something I wanted nor I him. It’s his body and mine is mine…we got married bc we loved each other not to control each other.

This is 2023 and women don’t need a man’s approval to do anything with their body, married or not. And as for his standard of not liking certain things on women: be careful, this isn’t the only red flag.

My husband has paid for two of my tattoos. He doesn’t have an issue with me having any at all. The only time he has a say when it comes to a tattoo for me is if it’s going to cost too much!

Absolutely not. It’s my body, I ask his opinion on how he thinks it’ll look but he gets no final say in anything I put on or in my body. Piercings, hair, tattoos; none of it.

Unpopular opinion… trigger warning. You married him you now make decisions as a team. He has a say in your life just as you have a say in his. Preferences for hair coloring/cutting, tattoos/piercings finances and child raising are just some of the things that should be discussed BEFORE marriage. Yall need to talk and ask why he doesn’t like it and explain why that tattoo means something to you… I’m not saying it’s a dictatorship but why cause unnecessary issues unless it’s a super important thing. Also don’t just up and leave a marriage over this without serious thought. Every couple has things they can’t agree on but you have to compromise it’s what makes a good relationship work. If you want a lasting relationship YOU BOTH have to make it last

Nope. Do I discuss things with him of course but he doesn’t say no bc he knows that it’s my body. And I would do the same for him. He may suggest we research more into something or wait to better swing it financially but that’s not final decision making.

I ask for His opinion on the best Area that the tattoo will work best on (bc he has many)… but other then that he tells me it what u like get it.

So as a strong independent and married woman I will say that it is ultimately my body and my choice. BUT, in marriage comes mutual partnership and respect not permissions and demands from either side.
I hope you can both find a compromise that works for you.

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Yep, I do actually haha not like if I can or not bit go back and forth though ideas, I have 3 big ones and he actually chose the design
.like I said oh I want a mermaid and he gave me options when we both looking at pica and I choose his

My husband has no tattoos. I have a bunch of tattoos and a piercing. He fully supports me getting more tattoos. He loves me all tatted up.

Only for discussing finances. He has no problem In me getting them. He doesn’t like them however knows I love them

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Fuck that guy. Do what you want with your body. You’re grown and no one can tell you what to do😤

My husband doesn’t care what I do as long as I’m happy

Get what you want it’s your body he has no say in what you do lol this isn’t 100/200 years ago

I mean if I’m set on doing something then I’m going to do it regardless.

Go ahead and get get the tattoos, if it breaks up your marriage at least you have something to remember it by

Nope. Not unless I want his help designing one

My hubby is buying my next one, 40th bday present…he helped design it and find someone yo do it

He can have an opinion sure but I’ll do what I want with my own body :blush:

I get tattoos without my husband’s opinion… oops :joy:

My late husband didn’t like tattoos on women I had 5 done :woman_shrugging:

My husband can have an opinion… but I’m going to do what I want to do :woman_shrugging:

No. My body my choice.

PS. Chicks with tats are badass af

:joy::joy::joy: I was like there’s the door and he grew the fck up

Ditch the husband. It’s your body.

Hell no!
My body, my choice

My husband could care less.:joy:

Time to get rid of the husband & get the tattoo :rofl:

Get the tattoo- lose the man. :woman_shrugging:

Ummmm it’s your body… :woman_shrugging:t3:

No, its my body and my choise

Opinion and finances yes, otherwise no

Fok that lol it’s my body :joy:

My husband doesn’t like girls with a lot of tattoos. When I’m done getting what I want, I’ll be a girl covered in tattoos :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

Ummm no. If I want a tattoo it’s for me. I do not seek his validation for the final approval. If he has something nice to say I’m all ears but if I want it bad enough and I have thought hard about it then it’s going on me whether he likes it or not. Same with him if he wanted a tattoo and I despised it I would never tell him absolutely not I don’t like that on men. My body my choice of art …his body his choice art.


So, my ex refused to let me do anything “unnatural” to my body. He was even against hair dye and fake nails unless they were highlights and french manicure. I was with him 18 years…with my new hubby I was on vacation and called asking him if he cared if I got a tattoo. His response, “why tf are you asking me permission to do anything to your body? That’s yours.”

I mean, if he absolutey hated something I probably wouldn’t. But I know if I absolutely hated something he wouldn’t get it on him. We do not control each other but we do respect each other opinions, wants and likes/dislikes. If the tattoo was that important/special to me he would see that and either 1, say nothing in the first place or 2, say it’s really growing on him and maybe make suggestions on style, placement etc.

My husband tattoos he has just as many as I do probably even more

Ew my husband would neverrr

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No one has a say in anything I do with my body.

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no ive wanted one have yet to get because cant decide nobody can tell you what you can do with your body .

Hell no, my body my choice. Too many little boys out their thinking that they own their women.

I do whatever my husband disagrees with :joy::joy: @ Brandon Phillips

No. My body is my domain. If I want to spend money on tattoos, I use my portion of our expendable income over which he has no say. If I ask his opinion he may tell me he doesn’t like a particular tattoo concept or placement. I’ll take he thoughts into consideration but ultimately I do what I want with my body.

I have tattoos. My husband has tattoos. We ask each other for opinions, but not permission. If either of us want one, we get one.

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Mine doesn’t mind them but he doesn’t love them either. He knows I love them and he doesn’t tell me I’m not allowed to have them either. However I do discuss them with him first because I would rather get something he would agree with.

Then you got the wrong man!! Your body your choice!

Nope my body n he can kick rocks

Throw out the entire husband

Good thing you’re a woman and have full authority over your own body without needing permission from anyone

Well he’s just signed his own divorce papers well done sir

Why not he is ur husband :thinking:

The fact that tattoos are a topic of conversation, and arguments is exactly what’s wrong with this Country. How about if your husband had his old girlfriends name and face tattooed on his body? Is that ok?

I mean if you have the financial means and you have your own money I would tell him to mind his business

Mama, it is your fucking temple. Decorate the walls baby!

He’s stated if he likes/dislikes the idea or location. I listen, I digest and decide what I want to do with that. But there’s no way in hell that would stop me from getting or placing something I want.


Who owns your body? You or him? Think about it.

My husband doesn’t like short hair but never said a word to me when I kept it short for 9 years. The only thing he ever has a say in is him paying for things, he rarely says no to me.

My husband bought one of my tattoos :woman_shrugging: he doesn’t mind as long as I’m happy.