Does your husband leave the house after eating dinner?

Do your husbands step out after eating dinner?we eat together, watch a movie then about 9pm when I put the kids to sleep he always has a reason to step out even if its for half an hour and says he will be back. There is no trust issue I just find it annoying that he can’t sit still! I have spoken about it many times but he just can’t seem to break the habit. He either drops stock to his workers, visits my brother in law or just even goes to grab something from the shops. Question here is, would that be something to constantly be cranky about? I feel I just show my frustration and always look like the annoying nagging wife. Are there other guys like this? I like a little alone time but recently I keep getting mad at him.


My husband has a hard time sitting still too but there is plenty around the house to keep him busy :joy: he’s always cleaning or building something.

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I am the same. I struggle to not be on the move. Once things iur settled I like to go see my sisters or my dad. It’s a time where im not entertaining kids or working. Just a little mental reset lol. Maybe just pick out set evenings you’d prefer him not to leave in a conversation. Don’t demand it but express you just enjoy your time and it makes you feel. My husband did this with me and it helped us.

I wouldnt worry about it. He’s spending quality time with you and the kids. It sounds like it’s mostly work related or hanging out with his brother. Which is innocent. If you’re worried ask him to share location with you.


you can send a share location from your husbands phone to your phone.


My husband can’t stay still long either. As long as he’s being good to me and our children then I let him be himself.

If he does, he wants me to go with him.

I would tell him Tuesdays are my days and you can’t go anywhere on that day. Compromise with him pick a day or two that is your day and he can’t leave.

Nope, my husband takes a nap in his recliner every time his stomach is full, haha!


Sounds like he’s smoking pot lol. I always find reasons to go to the market or whatever after my son goes to sleep. I like the little bit of me time. If you know he’s not trifling I would say leave him and let him have the break

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He probably stepping out to smoke a bowl to relax

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Mine only leaves if I ask him to go get me something( unless he’s on call, he drivesa tow truck) Once we’re home we’re home.

I’d be a little suspicious… especially that late at night.


I go outside for fresh air after my son goes to sleep. It’s just for my piece of mind and a little relief after working the coming home to take care of him and other responsibilities. I don’t know my hubby doesn’t think it’s a big deal. I’m not leaving or trying to avoid him or whatever he does the same but plays a video game. Sometimes we all need a little time to ourselves or for ourselves I doubt it’s anything to be annoyed by.


Probably smoking pot , some do it before bed to relax .

Could be smoking or having a quiet mans time or disposing of all the bodys

I was like that in my 20s. Couldn’t sit still. If I wasn’t doing something productive I would go nuts. It stopped when I matured more for sure. Maybe he just has a hard time sitting idle for too long.


A lot of men get stir crazy especially if you have kids. Mine will wander outside and tinker with the car or mow the lawn etc. I wouldn’t worry unless you have a definitive reason to worry xx


Mine smokes. He don’t do it around us and we never see him smoke. But he will do the same thing hang out with us then always go out for a bit.


Pick your battles… you know what hes doing…where he is etc… leave it alone


People have their own things to decompress from the day. If he’s coming home and being an active parent and partner, until the kids go to bed and everyone is done for the night, I wouldn’t stress it - especially if there are no trust issues.

Does this have more to do with him stepping out every night for a little bit, once the day is done, or is it more that he is and you aren’t?

If it bothers you because it’s HIM and not you, that’s a you issue. If you need some time to yourself, which you’re entitled to, then you need to speak up about it to him.

My husband doesn’t do it EVERY night, because he’s up for work at 3:30 in the morning, but on the weekends, he will spend time with me and the kids and then once everything is settled for the night, he will tell me he’s going for a ride. I know what that means - he’s gonna roll one and take a smoke ride. Doesn’t bother me one bit. The kids are in their rooms, doing their thing, he’s going for his ride and the dog and I are gonna watch a movie on the couch.


No. On rare occasions. Not a weekly thing.

A half hour to himself after the kids are in bed.Id leave it alone

If my husband was leaving at 9pm everynight… I would have some serious doubts about his trustworthiness.


If its only 30 mins prob weed or ciggys or just a breather to him self if it was like 1.5 hours plus I would be concerned


No and if my husband does decide to go out, he always invites me.


I do this a lot :joy: once the kids go to sleep and dinner is over I’ll be like oop I need to run to the store real quick. I’m a teacher, so sometimes I need to grab something like snacks or a craft item for class the next day. Or I’ll run to the gas station and get gas and an energy drink so I don’t need to stop in the morning.

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Did he do it before you guys got married? Or is it a new thing?


Just my situation, mine was doing the same thing and turned out he was cheating. :woman_shrugging: Divorced now


Never snd if follow him lol

Tell him your stepping out before he says anything and do it, you need a break too


Hes definitely up to something

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Never in almost 30 years.

Yes but my husband has ADHD so sitting still is a big problem lol. Sometimes he includes me, sometimes he doesn’t (like if he’s in the shed painting or something). The consistency of 9 pm though is interesting, offer to go with next time so you can spend time together.


Mine will go the barn if he has something that needs to be worked on but not leave the property.

What’s the big deal? It’s 30 mins and he is not doing anything wrong. Maybe you should find somewhere to step out for some alone time.


No once my husband is home and no plans have been made we spend time as a family.

He probably wants alone time​:rofl::rofl: y’all got kids and married. He works. It’s probably his time to himself and to unwind and clear his mind. He doesn’t have to be around you or in the house to do it. He deserves time to himself

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I wish, once my husband is home he refuses to leave which is annoying because if we do need anything I have to go get it


Every night after dinner around 9 ? That’s weird to me


That’s not okay. He dips out when he’s needed at home. I’d definitely be questioning his actions

Seems he’s taking some down time. I do this when things in my house are crazy. I tell my husband I’m going out for a little bit. I go for a drive. Or have parked at the convenient store for a breather

Stop getting mad at him. As a loner myself I feel this. I get overwhelmed and just need a little bit to de escalate by myself. And considering its after dinner and putting the kids to bed hes probably just a little overwhelmed and just needs a few. If someone needs a few minutes alone, let them bc theyll just become irritated and moody and even more overwhelmed…


Probably getting baked :kissing_smiling_eyes::dash:


So why is skipping on parental responsibilities? Bathing the kids, brushing teeth, pajamas, laying out clothes, reading books why is that only for you. He’s a capable parent and should be taking part in the parenting. Not taking off so he doesn’t have to take responsibility. Yes I’d be cranky if my parent every night abdicated their responsibilities to just me without even a conversation.


Maybe he’s going out for a quick bj

I mean let the man have his moment alone but it sounds like a habit? Smoker? Maybe a beer at the shop? If it’s every single night and you are annoyed, you don’t trust something. Time to communicate with your husband. Not FB.


No never but I wish he would sometimes :rofl::laughing:


Mine goes into the garage to find stuff to work on. I feel like he needs a project otherwise he goes a little stir crazy.


sounds like he has some type of smoking habit especially if its everyday i mean half hour sounds about a decent time frame for tht or u could ask him about it


He chooses not to break the habit.

Tbh I think you are just being paronide
A lot of guys do that
Be thankful he isn’t glued to the tv
Playing on a console with other people

My husband was doing this. Found out he was smoking cigarettes. He knows how much I hate them


By that man a Console. :skull:

Why let someone else control how you live your life, he is controlling his own, have him stay home with the kids while you “step out” for half an hour… yes I’m a bitch, BABE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF HERSELF!

Red flag! Could be as simple as he is a closet smoker?


Probably avoiding helping with the washing up lol

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If your husband is stepping out for 30 minutes each evening count your blessings. Pick your battles.

There’s no such thing as wanting to be alone when you’re married.

Follow him, 9 o’clock every night unless it’s in his garage is very dodgy, sorry.

My husband will go to the store or the vape shop after helping with dinner bath and bed time. I really don’t suspect cheating because he’ll bring home what he went for. But he’s a stay at home dad to two littles, he rarely gets alone time. I get my pedicures and he doesn’t have a problem with that.

Try leaving before him and see what happens

If he’s skipping out on helping with kids bedtime routine and leaving you to handle putting kids to bed alone then that’s unfair to both you and to the kids. When you’re both done putting kids to bed and he needs to head out to grab something from a shop maybe you could offer to go get the milk or bread or whatever it is he’s headed out to go get and let him stay home with kids? Oftentimes I’m the one who ends up running the errands after kids go to bed like heading to the store for things like toilet paper, milk, eggs or whatever else and my husband will stay home because he would rather not be the one to go to the store but tonight he was the one to head out and buy milk after kids were in bed so there could be milk to have with breakfast tomorrow.

Sounds like he likes cigarettes :person_shrugging:

There’s something going on I can’t figure out yet

He’s probably just out smoking some weed or cigs.


As long as he’s not cheating idgaf what my husband does. He’s entitled to have him time, like everybody else. :woman_shrugging: doesn’t bother me. Usually he plays games or goes into man cave to do man shit. He spends time w me & the kids. We’re good. You need therapy to find out why it bothers you

He is living a double life. He has to tell his other family good night and sweet dreams too! They think that is at work and comes home on his lunch break to tuck them in.

Mind does to go smoke a cig and get on social media. It’s just a thing. Creatures of habit too. I give him his space. It’s not worth a fight for me . But we’ve been married. 26 years so I’m used to it.

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Well since there are no trust issue and it makes him happy, what’s your problem? When we marry someone, is it to make ourself happy to we truely want to do what we can to make that one we love happy? Some questions you needs to ask yourself. And is this about him or about you?

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I wish my man would go for a late night drive with me lmao. I have a hard time getting his tired booty off the couch when we don’t have his 5 year old on certain nights. But he works hard in this cold weather so I see why he’s tired and just not worry about it. Men are wired 100% different.

Cigarettes or pot. I always take a cigarette break about 9 after getting everything done for the night. My husband doesn’t like to smoke that late so he’s usually already in bed . Gives me time to relax so I can sleep.

That’s all fine to step out for a breather, but has anyone thought that she might like to have a break too. She is home with the kids. I think him actually leaving would bother me. Going out to fool in the garage or smoke alone is common.

I would say he’s smoking.

No trust issue!? :joy::joy::joy::joy:girl, wisen up cuz he’s up to no good.

He lying!!! For real!!!