Dog keeps peeing on bed?

I have a dachshund who is 11 years old and I have a 6 week old baby. Since she was born, my dachshund has peed on my bed 3 times (never done it before the baby was here). I don’t know if it’s because she’s getting old and can’t control it or if she’s doing it to punish us because of the baby. Has this happened to anyone? Dogs misbehaving in ways like this because of a new baby in the house?


Because of the changes. Give her some quality attention and love. Maybe outside more often.


When I was pregnant for my first our dog every morning would have a puddle of pee and pile of shit smh def cuz the baby.

Dogs don’t ‘punish’ people. She’s reinforcing what she considers hers because the baby is someone new.


Ooooor, she could have a UTI. I’d take her to the vet to be sure she doesnt. We had a cat pee on our floor and bed once, come to find out she had a UTI. Never did it again after treatment

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Seems like she’s acting out. Just try to keep calling her over and give her attention when you’re sitting with the baby etc. Maybe go on a walk with the baby and her. She’s used to being alone for so long it’ll be an adjustment. I think it’ll get better.

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Normally dogs pee to mark their territory. She maybe saying this is mine!


The dog may have a medical problem but it seems she maybe marking territory

The dog was there first and just like a baby doesn’t understand , the dog doesnt understand why there is a baby there just like the baby doesnt know what the dog is . It’s a learning experience for everyone even animals to get use to the changes.

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My cat did the same thing . Got her when I had my first daughter … a few years later had my 2nd lil girl and the cat started peeing on everything and scratching and messing all my 2nd daughters stuff up . My 1st lil girl was also fully potty trained the befor I had my 2nd but started having very frequent accidents when her little sister came home . Its jealousy


My cat did that. She would pee on my daughters foam couch (the smell of pee does not come out of foam, had to throw it out- the couch. Not the cat)

Dogs don’t “punish “. They don’t have the capacity to hold grudges and punish us. This could be stress or a uti- take the dog to a vet


Your dog is jealous. Eww and get a new bed


As a dachshund owner for many years I can say that she’s just acting out because of the baby. She’s marking what she considers hers. If this is your first child and it’s only been her before she’s just jealous. Anyone who has ever owned this breed of dog knows they are so much like people personality wise. My vet has even said this! They will love you, shun you, get even with you and ignore you intentionally. Just give her some special attention and give her time to adjust.


Kennel her when you can’t supervise her. Or restrict her access to the bedroom. Consider a vet for a health check.

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Those saying dogs don’t “punish” (idk if I would actually use that word) but anyway they do hold grudges and will do things to get back at you, when I was a teen I had a dachshund, he was potty trained, my dad was harder on him my boy didn’t like him and I spoiled him he was my baby and when my dad would leave he would intentionally go get in their bed and pee or poop on his pillow only. He did this several times. They will do things out of spite. But I believe in this case she’s either marking her territory, could be old age and could be something medical lots of factors can come in with the behavior change but most likely trying to mark territory with the new baby there. And I know my story doesn’t exactly relate but I just wanted to point out dogs will do things because of grudges or out of spite because they are upset with you. They feel the same as we do.


My dog was a nervous wreck when I brought my baby home. She peed on me the baby my bed. It did pass on its own, we told her off like we usually would and I made sure I always made space on my lap for her and the baby together. And I don’t care if any one laughs but I made time for just cuddles for me and her too. It made a world of difference because she didn’t feel pushed out any more. good luck huni, it’s hard work but so worth it in the end x

Dachshund are notorious for getting bladder infections and stones. I would take the pup to the vet to make sure it’s okay. Aside from that it’s probably marking territory.

Try giving her extra one on one attention as you would another child. Maybe give pup one of babies receiving blankets with babies scent on it. It’s going to take some retraining but very doable.


She is marking her turf and determining dominance

My min pin will pee in my bed and my couches. Talked to the vet they said small dogs that were fixed will do that it was normal as they aged.

I had a cat that did that once our son was born. He was jealous because he wasn’t my baby anymore even though i still paid attention to him. Animals get that way to mark their territory.

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Yes my dog did it every single time we brought home or daughters. He’s act up a bit, do things he knew not to and what not. But hed always adjust and behave again

She needs a vet check up, she could have a uti

Yeah it’s because of the puppy she is jealous

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Sounds just like another child acting out to get attention. Alone time and family time with new baby should help!!

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Sounds like definite spite pee to me.

Probably getting old :confused:

Cheryl sound familiar?

Go get her checked at a veterinarian.

Doing it for attention- not a punishment. But get the dog seen Incase

Cat did… after like two months… cat got new home.

Get her checked to figure that out first

Its jealousy my dog did the same thing after my son was born now they’re best buds! Since it’s getting nice out take baby and dog out for daily walks when ur cuddling ur baby have ur dog snuggle against u try and give him the same amount of attention do activities together and u should see the peeing stopping

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Sounds like she may have a uti

She’s jealous, sad/mad that she’s not getting full attention anymore. My dog peed on my bed multiple times after I had my son. I would just take time, if you’re able to, to spend time with just her for a little bit or take her on walks with you and baby. Let her know she’s still super loved. My son is 1.5 now and my dog doesn’t do it anymore.

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That’s what my dog does when she’s mad at me! Keep your bedroom doors closed! My dog will literally & somehow pee under my pillow && put it back. So I know it’s on purpose. She also eats MY underwear & MY toothbrushes lol!


My cat did that when my mom broughty little sisters or any new animal home. Lol animals get jealous too. Whopped
her butt and threw her outside and she behaved good till the next one.


I have dachshund for 11 years. He did same thing when my boyfriend of 9 years who he knew very well and had stayed over when he could moved in permanently. Like the baby, its a jealousy thing especially dachshunds who are very one person devoted. Took some extra time and understanding and now he sleeps on his side lol

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I had the same issue except mine was my cat. I tried everything. Spending ample amount of time with the cat alone, including her with the new baby, anxiety meds, feliway, the list goes on. Nothing helped. I finally caved and gave the cat to my mom. Shes never been happier, and when I do go visit the cuddles are unreal.

Exhaust all options. Was it just you and your pup before the baby? Animals dont like change and they sure dont like to share their mama!

I have a mini dachshund. Jealousy is huge with the breed. That type of change is really tough on animals especially if they’re older. My little weenie man started peeing inside after I moved out of my parents place last year. Never had an issue before. Any kind of big change can cause them to revert with potty training sadly. Think of your dachshund as an only child. They act out sometimes when there’s another baby around getting all the attention. I know my weenie hates his crate but we’ve had to redo his crate training in order to get him back to before the move. Sometimes you just have to step back, take a step and think of them as a human child. If they act up out of nowhere look at environmental changes or familial changes. Sometimes all it takes to fix the issue is to just set time aside just for them as individuals so they don’t feel left out like a human child.

Shes doing it cause of the baby. Don’t let her butt on the bed anymore.

im barely pregnant and my dog has been peeing on my bed and gettin in the trash which he normally doesnt do.

Could be age
Could be uti
Could be mad at you guys

I would take the puppy in to rule out infections

Speak to a trainer and your vet.

The dog is jealous of the new baby!

My dogs started that oncey son was born. It gets better just takes time. Try to make some time for your dog. I know life is busy with a new baby but it really helps giving them extra attention

She’s probably doing it cause of the new baby. But a check up with the vet can’t hurt just to make sure it’s nothing else.

It may have something to do with marking his turf and protection for the baby.

Time to put mouse traps on the bed, teach old dog new tricks, better yet keep your bedroom door closed.