Don't feel comfortable with my ex's new GF

Uuuuh yeh I’d Defin be worried. She’s 3. She can’t even hardly explain if something happens to her and it might not even be the gf, but someone else living in the house. If the dad isn’t staying the night there as well that’s Defin cause for concern and I’d be taking him to court


Get custody order through the court. You can have it to were it states you must know were your child is for overnights.


Number one go through the courts for custody. Worth our a Corey pretty he can move her out of state and you can’t stop him then again you can nice and he can’t stop you.

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You trusted him enough to have his child, unless he is an unfit parent you need to trust him while he cares for his child


See this is why I understand when men just choose to stay away. If your trust him to be a father, trust him to be a father. Worrying about his girlfriend is overdoing it and controlling. Because trust me when you move on and he expressed something like this to you…… you’d be on the defense that he should trust you as a mother and trust you wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. Mind your business unless there’s a situation that needs questioning. You trusted him enough to go 50/50 on everything, go out and go on a date.


Sounds like you need to talk to your X. His girlfriend isn’t really doing anything wrong. It’s a new step for you and of course your gonna be nervous, scared etc. Whether y’all like it or not, y’all need to communicate.

I’m sure dad can handle any problems that pop up there. Sounds like you have your nose out alittle


U can’t dictate nothing with ur daughter is with dad and vice-versa. Let him have his time ,however that may be. If u trusted him enough to have a baby with him and agree to 50/50 than trust him enough to know he’s keeping her safe…pick ur battles and just be grateful ur daughter has a father that wants to spend time with her and make memories…


You sound like a bitter baby mama that will most likely flip on the whole “no court thing” because he got a new GF…:woman_shrugging:


Y’all are so mean. I would be pissed if I didn’t know where my son was staying when his dad took him regardless of if he’s at a girlfriends house or not. Also if it’s already been agreed upon for them to meet the new partners before they become involved in the child’s life then why would he go back on that? What doesn’t he want baby momma to know?
None of you know how the relationship ended for all you know she coulda left him, it coulda been mutually agreed upon that they didn’t work together. Everyone loves to run the words “bitter baby momma” when “new girlfriend” is thrown in the mix but she didn’t say ANYTHING about having a problem with the girlfriend she actually said she WANTS to meet her. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to know who your child is around and where they are.
I’d talk to him directly and remind him that you guys had these agreements in place and you would like for him to follow through with them or you’ll have no choice but to go to court.
And no that doesn’t make you a bitter BM for wanting to make sure your child is safe. He shouldn’t have gone back on his word. I would still talk to him first and give him the chance to make things right but you’re not crazy or wrong for feeling the way you do if it really has nothing to do with his new girlfriend specifically and everything to do with HIS actions after getting into a new relationship.


Have you asked your daughter if she likes her? that would be a good starting point

If it’s this big of an issue then u will need to go to court and get rules

As long as she is safe it shouldn’t matter

We you do have a say in the matter because you can go to court and have it on record that you don’t want her around child or have your child and your ex/her father spend the night at the girlfriend place. After all you don’t know this chick and you don’t know where she lives

There are “paramour provisions” you can have a judge enforce but it requires you going to court

You can go to court, and ask for provisions of certain things but a GAL will be most likely asked by judge to evaluate…
Asking to “meet” the other parties new partners doesn’t go well in most courts. All they focus on is parents doing what is best interest for child, and unless he’s made poor decisions that are unsafe probably get a no…
That kind of provision opens a disaster to drama n possible conflict which courts hate.

Get a lawyer. Go to court.