Drive by baby shower ideas?

Drive-by baby showers? Any tips or ideas? Is it tacky? I live in an area that’s having high covid numbers, and my shower is in two weeks. I had a normal shower planned but thinking about changing it!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Drive by baby shower ideas?

It sounds like a good idea. Just T the door or a window so you can say thank you for coming

A friend did this for her DIL. Each guest received a cute boxed lunch as they drove by.

my family get togethers during the pandemic consisted of being outside, having all the chairs spread out the 6 ft, most wore masks still and the babies were in their play pens/ swings or in a gate. Sounds ridiculous but it was preferred at the time, and it worked well. But we also didn’t have a lot that went a lot of places. Just a thought in case you don’t want to do the drive by!!

We surprised one of our friends :grinning: with a drive by baby shower coz of covid , we decorated our cars n everything. It was fun :blush: we had prizes for best poster, best decorated car and who arrived first etc.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Drive by baby shower ideas?

I think either make it outdoor or a smaller indoor somewhere and can social distance a bit xx

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Drive by baby shower ideas?

Do it! It’s quick, it’s intimate, they get to see your beautiful belly and you feel the support from your loved ones (and baby gets gifts too lol) decorate the drive way, have some pastries and call it a day!


You could do some decorations and maybe have a thing where they can set presents on one table and on other have little favors they can pick up then set time that day to go live and open presents and stuff

We had a virtual one for my daughter and it was quite fun. We played a bunch of games and she opened her gifts- sent from registry

I’d do virtual. Just do a registery somewhere and have them mail your stuff to you and then do your shower and open them on camera for everyone!


My friend did a virtual one via zoom. You don’t want to risk your drive by visitor getting fined for driving more than 10kms away or driving by your home when they are supposed to be at home

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Where are you? Just curious.

Just dont…have the regular shower


Once again you ROCK!!!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Drive by baby shower ideas?

I had major conserns about this as well when mine came due. It was back in April though.
We decorated a pop up tent and still had favors for guests. And everyone that was invited came by and stood around to talk. It was actually really nice to not have to entertain everyone at one time. You got more personal talking time with each group and we had time to ourselves to let the moments soak in rather then go from group to group thanking everyone and rushing.
We didn’t open any gifts there. We waited till we got home. So we did things more at our own pace and it took the pressure off. I was surprised how nice it was.


We did mine via zoom wen lockdown was on

I like the Zoom idea. Drive-by strikes me as tacky but I’m old-school. Translate that as OLD. :smirk:At least people can interact and see each other real time. Congrats

My neighbor did a drive by 2nd birthday party for her daughter and it turned out great! Mostpeople were appreciative. She handed out goodie bags and plates of food. They stopped and took pics and talked for a few minutes and then on to the next one.

I did a drive by shower in December before the vaccine. I really didn’t want to do drive by but also didn’t feel comfortable doing a regular one. Luckily December in South Texas averages sunny and 75 so we did the drive by thing. And everyone stopped and would get out of their cars; we kept pulling chairs out of the house and into the yard and we all sat around (distanced 6-10 feet apart) and it actually turned out really nice.

Just have a normal one smh

No one does drive by anything anymore
And coming from a healthcare worker I can tell u the numbers are crap

If ur honestly afraid
Do it
Just do what makes u happy


Idk what’s so funny those who are laughing at the post :roll_eyes:

I was going to do a drive thru baby shower but changed my mind. The pandemic was getting out of control last year instead I had people drop stuff off on my porch or send me

My neighbors across the street did a drive by bday party. I thought it was cute. They gave out goody bags to everyone.

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I had a drive by baby shower it was nice. We decorated a little we had little thank you goodies for them and then I set a time on Facebook live that afternoon for people who wanted to watch or had. Maiked gifts. We also had
The fancy cookies made so everyone got a thank you goodie and cookie

Idk about a drive through, id probably go with a video shower instead. You can still host games and any gifts can just be mailed or dropped off at a convenient time for your guests.

I had a drive by baby shower. It was so nice

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Have a NORMAL baby shower. Fear is what’s killing us.


I’d do virtual and do your registry on Amazon so it’s easier for people to send them right to your house.

We just had people send gifts to our house or they could drop off. People ordered from our registries or asked what we still needed.

If the numbers are high I wouldn’t take the risk. Either do virtual like others suggested or drive by💛

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So you want a gift grab. How about noooo.

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Do what’s best for you. Just because “none is doing drive by anything any more” doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be! You’ve worked hard to stay safe right? Well why risk it over a party? And anyone petty enough to say they won’t do drive they you take that red flag and throw it at em you don’t need that


Soo we are doing like a virtual gender reveal, and then I’m using baby list for my registry. They can just utilize that if they want to get gifts.

My cousin had their’s outside. Food table, gift table, etc. No one entered their home unless they of course had to use the restroom. It was nice.

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