Duct won't unclog

I’m currently on antibiotics for mastitis. My duct will NOT unclog. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to, and then some. I’m tired of being told to continue with compresses and massaging, even a vibrating toothbrush, even having my partner try. NOTHING S WORKING! I don’t even have a milk bleb on my nipple. What the hell do I do if the duct WILL NOT unclog? I’ve researched and have tried every possible suggestion. My LO can’t unclog it either, because she can’t latch anyways. What can I do if the clog won’t unclog? Is there something my doctor can give me to unclog it? Is there a special procedure? It’s starting to affect being able to drain the rest of my breast. Surely if it gets clogged enough it’ll just burst eventually and unclog?

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Yes they can do an ultrasound and see if its an abscess and they can drain it. Call your OBGYN and see if they will let you come in.