Early pregnancy symptoms?

Not really baby related but my husband and I are trying for baby number 2! And this past week I’ve felt like I’ve had no energy at all. I’m supposed to start my period anywhere from to tomorrow to Friday. Did anyone else feel like you had no energy before your positive pregnancy test? I know I’ll find out in the next couple days, just wanted some opinions!


I’m pretty sure fatigue is like the number 1 (pre-missed period) pregnancy symptom.

So, (probably) congratulations

Yes!!! EXTREME fatigue and painful breasts!

Sore nipples has always been first for me and even that happens after missed period (atleast for me.) I get fatigue at beginning of period. But everyone and every pregnancy is different.

I found our 4 days before my missed period

I was extremely tired all the time and had endless heartburn within the first 5 weeks of my pregnancy.

My first indicator was morning sickness

I was so so so tired when I was early pregnant so very likely

You know your body. I took one 4 weeks before a missed period and was positive, to make sure i took four.

I get crazy exhausted my whole pregnancy so it’s a definite possibility.

That was one sure sign that I was pregnant!!

It’s possible. The need to pee more often has always been my first indicator.

I was tired and boobs hurt. I was only 3 weeks and 2 days when I went to the OB :joy: hes like how did you know because my period wasnt due yet.

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I could not keep my eyes open for anything
I kept falling asleep over and over
And a week later, on the morning I should have started my period I got a positive test

Yes i was so tired and super cranky i I took a test before my expected missed Period and tested positive . Good luck

Tired, breast tenderness and moody for me. I tested the afternoon that I was supposed to start, I usually start overnight so I automatically knew by mid day that something was going on. Got a very faint positive. Good luck!

Well before I found out all three times I was tried and my boobs hurt like crazy granted my boobs hurt a week before my period is due but not constantly. But the extreme tiredness was one of my big first trimester symptoms . So it’s possible that you are good luck

I get tired for many reasons. Until theres a missed period, dont get your Hope’s up. It’s a possibility of course, but not 100%. If you think you might be, get a home test or go see your doctor. Good luck.