Early signs of Autism?

My 2 yr old shows some signs of autism but not all. He is constantly stimming and I mean constantly. He is speech delayed. Horrible eye contact. Very aggressive and impulsive amung other signs. What throws me off is he does respond to his name also shows some bit of emotions mostly just very high energy happy or mad not really a variety. I don’t want to be overthinking it but I also don’t want to miss an opportunity for early intervention.


Some waitlists are really long if you feel like your child could have autism I highly recommend getting testing done sooner. Autism is a spectrum so every child show’s different signs. I waited until my son was 4 to get tested and I wish we would’ve done it sooner it’s just more time with services that are very helpful.

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Does he play with other kids or does he play near them? Is he social at all? Like will he talk to people when you are at social functions? Does he cover his ears when something even slightly loud happens? Does he have issues with certain textures of food? When you say “stimming” what is he doing? Have you tried discussing seeing a developmental pediatrician? If he’s already speech delayed then he qualifies for a developmental pediatrician. Autism,Anxiety and ADHD all look similar in young kiddos. It’s best to have a doctor keep an eye on it.

It’s better to get an evaluation than not. Worst they can say is that it’s not it and point you in the direction of what it could be. My son had a lot of signs but not all and he was still diagnosed. It’s a spectrum, and chances are if you’re questioning it, you’re probably right.

I also thought my son was autistic about 2. Come to find out he is ADHD and has sensory processing disorder. You know your child momma. If you are concerned get him evaluated.

You’ll never regret being proactive and being wrong but if like me and you wait and test later and little is on spectrum you’ll feel bad for not acting sooner. The sooner you test and receive possible diagnosis the sooner you can start resources such as speech and Occupational therapy as well as ABA and any other potential resources.

I had a very, very active, talkative, social daughter and she is 17 and still that way. She was waving and saying hi to strangers at 9 mos.old. She knew her name before 1 years old, huge vocabulary (at the time) and met milestones earlier than my other 2 kids. She is on the spectrum and cognitively delayed (about 5-11 yrs old). My youngest was born premature with many health problems and many delays but also knew his name. Also on the spectrum. Keep and eye on him and discuss concerns/delays with pediatrician. :yellow_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart:

If you are concerned I would have a behavioral developmental pediatrician evaluate him@

google MChat survey and answer question honestly. Depending on what it says start by going to your dr if they say wait and see or they will grow out of it get a new Dr asap.

See a specialist or get a referral to one from your pediatrician . Sometimes other conditions look like autism but aren’t which is why a correct diagnosis and access to early care scan make a huge difference.

I agree with having him evaluated but in the meantime cut all dyes from his diet and do a detox.

Go to see his pediatrician! We got early intervention starting at 18 months (before my son was diagnosed) and had in home therapist come and work with him, then they got everything set up to evaluation to developmentally delayed preschool and he was diagnosed weeks before his 3rd bday! It’s better to start intervention/therapy now instead of waiting and being even farther behind!! Even if he’s not autistic the therapy’s will help!!

Just get him evaluated. And see

Momma I had the same feeling… take him in to get early intervention. I took mine at age 2 he is now 4. They told us he slightly has signs of autism. His speech and eye contact has improved! He is still getting speech therapy and goes to a preschool program for this. The earlier you take them in for early intervention the better! Don’t wait!

My son has autism and responds to his name most of the time and he has decent eye contact.

As a mother of a child who has asd and also qualified in sna stimming is definitely a sign not all children with autism show it the same stimming can be anything from going round in circles constantly to flapping hands there is so many different levels also not all children with autism are non verbal mostly boys. If you feel there is somthing there get it checked out put your mind at ease. My daughter 12 and was diagnosed at 6 me not having a clue back then I didn’t see any signs I thought autism was not speaking and hand flapping as she was very verbal and very active but had no caution of danger it was the hospital that flagged her and after she was diagnosed I educated myself for her to understand it all better

What does the pediatrician say? And yes early intervention is imperative.

Autism is like snowflakes no two are alike. What some autistic kids have others don’t. My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was little then when he got older we were told it was aspergars. I volunteered with special Olympics and there were alot of autistic kids and none had the same autistic tendencies.

You don’t have to have “all” the signs of autism… it’s not an “all or nothing” type of situation.
If you Have concerns, I would discuss it was the pediatrician and go from there

I would speak to his pediatrician about it and they will point you in the right direction. My son is four and has only just been put on a waiting list for an autism evaluation, they wouldn’t put him on any younger than that because it’s hard to diagnose in the younger children. He may be on the waiting list for a few years, but i would definitely get that ball rolling.