Early signs of pregnancy?

I think I might be pregnant. My boobs are sore like they feel bruised and I feel nauseous (sometimes i feel like I’m on the verge of throwing up but I don’t). I had a left salpingectomy (left fallopian tube removed) from a ectopic pregnancy April 11th. I thought my chances were lower of even being pregnant because of the surgery and since I only have 1 tube. Has anyone got pregnant shortly after this procedure?? I’m gonna buy a test Friday but I’m wondering if it’s even worth it to buy one or if my mind is just playing tricks on me or if I’m actually about to be sick…


I got pregnant right away after having this done in 2016, then an “oops” pregnancy when that baby was just 4 months old

I’d take a test regardless… Better safe than sorry. Good luck.

Don’t worry until you need to. Worry about before hand is what is making you sick.

On June 21st 2013 I had a miscarriage and the took my hole right side out…the doctor that did mine told my that my left side looked great and healthy…in October i got pregnant found out in November i was pregnant and it was with twins…I did find out that with only having my one side that I’m alot more likely to have multiples at once (hit the twins lol) but my babies actually turn 5 today and I am currently in the hospital trying to keep labor stopped for at least 1 more week (I’m 36 weeks)

I had a cyst on what they thought was my ovary, turns out it was on my left tube so they removed it. I bled for one week after surgery, which was November 8. I didn’t get any other periods, emailed my doctor, she thought it was strange too since the right side was fine. Said it might take a while to get pregnant again, but other than that, just give my body time to heal. One month later I had a positive pregnancy test and am now 32 weeks pregnant! So much for it taking a while!