Easiest way to file for separation/divorce?

what’s the easiest way to file for legal separation or divorce. we’re both done he moved out 6 months ago we just haven’t done the legality part and don’t know where to start


Depending on the state you can print the paperwork online and file. The court house will walk you through any questions you might have just don’t sign anything until you’re in front of a notary. Also if you can get him to sign a waiver then you can bypass the cost of having him served.

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Definitely courthouse. Local library will definitely have books with state specific information for you

Legal aid can help or the court house website will walk you through it

Depends on the state where you live.

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Court house will walk you through it. Then have your family member or friend serve him.

In PA, I Googled “fast divorce”. Since it was uncontested, we paid a $250 filing fee and had a local lawyer run it through the court. Took 5 months total because he and I both dragged our feet. If you have nothing to split up, this is the way to go. Luckily, my divorce was one for the books, because we still get along and still pay bills together.

I did mines myself. Printed out the paperwork and watched the YouTube videos on how to file them out. Made copies. Got him served. Filed everything and divorce was finalized 12/30/2021

did mine myself. went to the courts & asked the paperwork. filled it out & paid the filing fee. it was $500, but worth it. then i got a lawyer bc we have children together & had assets totaling a little over $3.1M together. now the lawyer fees :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: that was bc my ex tried every trick in the book.

Court house. Get paperwork. Fill it out. Pay they fee. If he isn’t fighting you on anything then it will go smooth. Otherwise can get a lawyer have them deal with all the stress.

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I know in GA you can go to the court house and get the paperwork, fill it out then file it back with court house. Also office max has legel docs and how to use them packets

I didn’t have to file for separation in NC. Just had to be living in 2 separate households. Divorce was another story. I told him to pay for the divorce if he wanted it so bad. If I remember correctly it was around $800 uncontested. For child custody, I had a lawyer and he was $3200 and worth every penny.

An attorney would be great. Especially if kids are involved.

It’s like $300 max if you file everything yourself

Print them from on line and file it court house

Contact the courts for the state you live in or go online you should be able to obtain paperwork pay the fee have him served and if he signs and returns information everything should go through as long as nothing is contested.

Easiest fastest way i know is online. Make a profile on your states courthousesite and its about $400 (no more than that i think i paid $360) i think to get it started and theres a 90 day waiting period. In that time depending on filing with or without kids the website will have all the forms youll need to have filed after the 90 days and the site is very particular how theyre filed. My states courhouse wouldnt help me just said its all there on the website.