Easter basket ideas for babies?

I am making easter baskets for my nieces and nephews but they are toddlers and younger and my kids are teens…what do you add in baskets for babies?


I have a 19 month old. Last year he got pjs and a tiny egg.

This year he’ll get much the same. Maybe a new book as well.

If that helps

Bubbles , chalk, coloring book and crayons

Every year my kids have always got a swimsuit and a hat

If little little new outfits wipes lotion

We do a squish mellow, baby toy for their age, and an Easter book

Do they really need that much chocolate?
I would just give them one egg or a bunny
And 6 mini eggs

Clothes, books, bubbles/ bath toys a bunny

U but there favorite candy and make a box for the teens

For infants…teethers, diapers, wipes, cute outfit, toys appropriate for age
For toddlers…cute outfit, toys appropriate for age, books, puzzles, bubbles, sidewalk chalk

A bunch of people ordered these from me . Bubble wands with names

Give them a Bible story explaining why/what Easter is about