Easter basket ideas for baby?

My little man is 7 months old. Just looking for ideas for easter to do with him as hes too young for Easter egg hunts.


Make him an Easter basket and fill it with bath toys, baby friendly snacks (yogurt dots, rice crackers, Gerber cheesies, etc), books, an outfit, stuffed animal, or whatever else you can think of :slightly_smiling_face:


7 months is Definetly old enough to enjoy and participate! Can he crawl? You can still do a little one in your house. My daughter was 7 months and she participated just a lot slower, I filled her eggs with baby puffs and the yogurt drops


What i did was buy plastic eggs putt puffs in them. And lollipops. With teething rigs or items and of course a stuffed bunny. Lol and put a helium balloon tied to the basket babies Love Balloons

Dress him like a bunny!

Make hand stamp paintings of his first easter. Make easter basket. Take a bag of plastic eggs and go for a stroll to a park. Create a nice easter setting and take pictures.

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Plastic eggs with the yogurt melts and puff style snacks for little ones.

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Take lots of pics.dressed up,everyone’s sent u great ideas.

Just take some cute pictures!

Why is he? Put them in easy places and show him how to do it, hell think is fun. If he sees any older kids at a hunt or in the family do it hell get tge idea… Just take him around to it unless he can crawl put it in crawling reach.

I just did this with my two month old :blue_heart: atleast cute for a picture


Go to church events some have a baby room for egg hunts