Easter egg stuffer ideas?

I need Easter egg stuffers for my 2 year old son. He’s not crazy about sweets so I don’t want to do candy. And I don’t want to waste money buy just putting $1 toys in the eggs.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Easter egg stuffer ideas?

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Stickers & chalk! If you’re a mama with tattoos I got those fake water tattoos last year for my son of Spider-Man and he loved them. I honestly also stuffed his with socks :rofl: because I ran out of ideas…

Get a little pack of plastic dinosaurs from the dollar store

An outfit and cute sandals, bubbles, chalk, coloring stuff, flash cards, books or DVDs, puzzles

I don’t want this to come off weird and I know it won’t fit into an egg but it would be perfect for a basket.
I created this coloring/Activity book for kids and it’s available on Amazon. I’m not a business just a random person with a hobby.

Easter Activity Book: for Toddlers and Preschoolers Age 2-5 | Coloring, Math, Problem Solving and More Amazon.com

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Bubbles and sidewalk chalk

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Amazon has a ton of eggs with toys

They have marvel action toys at 99 cent only stores… But they are $8.

Colouring book, pjs, books. Useful things

What about snacks like crackers, raisins, Goldfish?

Snacks or small change. Whatever the amount of change he could put towards a hot wheel car or something similar.

Stickers. Go to Dollar tree they have lots cool stuff cheap

Stickers, tattoos, sticky hands, gummy’s, stamps, tiny finger puppets.

We always do a book or two, bathing suits(we have to buy anyway), chalk, bubbles, stickers, crayons, bath toys. My youngest is really into dot markers this year so we will add a few as well.

Money, hot wheels, squishies, fidget toys, alphabet magnets

My 18 month old and 4 year old loves the glow sticks. He likes to put them in the bath tub and cut the light in the bathroom off and play. I’m gonna get a few packs of them for the basket (of course they won’t fit in the eggs😀)

Does he like puzzles? We’ve done puzzle pieces and then at the end, put the puzzle together!


I’ll buy my kids hats and fill them w a swimsuit or cool socks or a shirt and a card game.

Snacks for a family movie night
Popcorn, jerky, M&M’s, juice box etc

You could do bigger gifts if you want and just put like a lil photo in the egg of whatever the item is and then you can bring the items out as he opens the eggs like say a bike you take a photo of it fold it up to fit in the egg then when he opens the egg and unfolds the photo you give him the prize

Fill them with little snacks he likes and then get him maybe some new sandals or a new swim suit if he needs them

Stick money in the eggs, a dollar or quarters and show him that he can then put em in his piggy bank. We also have done gold fish, yogurt covered raisins, fruit snacks, glow sticks, bubbles, etc. we try to stay away from small pointless toys and candy also. My daughter loves the idea of getting her own money for her savings tho!! She also has a sticker book so I tend to add a couple in each egg.

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You can always add clothes, toys, bubbles etc with his basket as far as eggs goes you could put money stickers tattoo’s little small things…

Books,art supplies,cars,socks,whatever his favorite snacks are

Stickers, tattoos, hot wheels, play dough, puzzles, bubbles, fidget toys, bath toys, money, dinosaurs, sidewalk chalk, crafting stuff, coloring books and crayons, floats for summer, sandals, sand toys, books, snacks he likes, fridge magnet letters

We put hot wheels in our son’s when he was small

Over here, the Easter Bunny is a practical one. Last year, he brought our then 3-year old new underwear, new socks, coloring book, crayons, a card game and a few pieces of small candy. This year, he will be bringing new socks, a new kite, strawberry growing kit, a couple letter/number tracing books and a few pieces of small candy.

Same w my kid not big on sweets I put cars and teddy crackers and those puff snacks in them the other year. Also those reusable tealight candles to make the eggs glow. Idk what I want to do this year since he has lots of cars
Maybe fruit snacks …maybe puzzle pieces he can enjoy finding eggs and put together a small puzzle. My son will be three this year I might try that lol​:thinking: good idea :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

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Get some Gerber snacks they work great

I put on an Easter egg hunt years ago for 14 kids. I put pennies in some eggs, a quarter, a few dimes, and a dollar bill in a few of them. They all knew that the money they found in the Easter eggs was going in their piggy banks, not to spend on junk. They loved it, and so did all the parents. The winner was the child that found the most Easter eggs and collected the most money for their banks. Then, after the Easter egg hunt, they all got a nice basket from the Easter bunny, and the child who won got a bunny stuffed animal. It was the greatest Easter, and the most fun the kids had ! It was great. I will never forget the delight they had . It also solved the candy issue.

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I have done money and toys, small enough so that the child doesn’t kill themselves but something they will enjoy. Match box cars fit in big plastic eggs.

Stickers and kiddy tatoos!

This will give you good ideas!


Put quarters in them and then take them to an arcade to spend their quarters

Sunglasses. Bubbles.

I did their favorite snacks instead of candy, stickers, tattoos, stamps, beanie baby minis, toddler rings, pirate pretend jems. Cutting out a ton of stickers was a hassel, but it made it fun for them to have a bunch to find.

My daughter is 8 and isn’t big on sweets and chocolate so I will be getting her ROBLOX gift cards a couple of eggs and some arts and crafts.

My youngest is 2 so she will also get a couple of eggs plus little cocomelon balls with figures inside them and both a nice outfit x

Hotwheels, books, bath tub crayons… all items the easter bunny favors in this household for our 2 year old

Plastic buckets that match the color’s of the eggs. Each color has a different prize or whatever one gets full first. Or newspaper adds of favorite toys or resteraunts.

Little packs of nuts, fruit roll-ups or mini packs of dried fruit, stress balls or super balls, Silly Putty that comes in an egg already, donut holes or mini muffins (though that’s sweets), cheese wedges or cubes, mini glow sticks, shoe laces, a mini magnifying glass (plastic), smooth stones you can paint together and put in the garden or a flower pot or a bowl; a little knit cap, scarf or mittens depending on where you live., child safe instruments like a plastic harmonica, flute or kazoo.

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If you get solicitations from charities that send you address labels, you have stickers! Up to you whether or not you want to cut the address part off or not.

You can make friendship bracelets with him, or At Walmart they have mini soft balls that fit inside, confetti, stickers, tattoos, you can melt crayons to fit inside , and $2 hills

Goldfish crackers, cheez its, fruit snacks

Can you buy him experiences and take him somewhere instead

Applesauce pouches, goldfish, honey bear grahams

stickers, stamps, and temp tattoos were a big hit last year when my kiddo was 2.

Coins? Especially pennies and nickels? Or stickers?

When my kids were that little I did bubbles, beach toys, a piggy bank, swim suit, and sidewalk chalk.

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Dollar store :ok_hand:t2: has bug nexts and kits for bugs my kids love these for out side we always get the cheap outside toys because they always break the nice ones lol

Coins, dollar bills. I’m not sure if they have them anymore but target used to sell gift cards in the shape of coins.

Dollar tree is your BFF

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These are what I’ve done for baskets! Minimum candy :blush:

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Wooden blocks
Coins for his piggy bank

He’s going to be happy just to have eggs

My son loves to get coins at that age. We would take the coins and buy a toy.

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I ordered these Lil things cuz I don’t like putting candy in my kids eggs either

Walmart has 1 dollar Easter toys out. Got my daughter a ball popper. Colouring books, etc.

I always like to do summer stuff. Bubbles, chalk, umbrella, swimsuit, sun hat, towel, sandals, rain boots. If you’re near a home goods, they have the cutest little candies.
Instead of candy you could do goldfish, applesauce pouches, fruit snacks, pudding cups, veggie straws.


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Maybe a stuffed animal.

The thicker crayons, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, bouncy ball, cars, swim stuff, etc.

For the Easter egg hunt we do candy and non candy things. Sometimes we do golden eggs which has cash in them.

Get a sheet of stickers and tattoos, and cut them to individual sizes and put in the eggs. Super cheap.


When my kids were little I filled them with animals crackers, goldfish, raisins… just some of their favorite snacks, in addition to a few small toys/ stickers


We put fruit snacks, Gerber yogurt melts and goldfish in our little ones eggs

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The popper things! Lol… They have packs of prefilled eggs on amazon… My little one has been into a big one… So im gonna getba box of these and toss them in his basket as fillers! Lol

Make little shakers . with rice or beads. But make sure you glue them shut. :hugs: safety first.

You can also buy bigger eggs at Walmart. Last year I did a big sister reveal to my 6 year old with a giant Easter egg with a little baby doll in it and some accessories.

Gold fish, cereal, play dough…

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Hot Wheels cars fit perfectly in the bigger eggs.

My great grands Luke it when I put quarters and the occasional dollar. They put the money in their piggy banks.

They have a bunch of different kinds of easter snacks that isn’t candy. I know for sure they have Goldfish and Cheezit Crackers in the Easter aisle at Walmart. We also got our kids a travel set for Disney that has a blanket, a neck wrap pillow and an eye mask from Sam’s Club. They’ll each get a Google Play Card too.

We bought lego sets and put pieces in the eggs.

Clues to finding a bigger game or something.

Pieces of a puzzle

Pieces or clues to an activity. We’ve also done pieces of a recipe.

Cut up a favorite snack like carrots

Playdough, chalk, bubbles, stickers, balls, action figures, dolls, stuffed animals, sandals, swim suit, pretzels, goldfish, teddy grahams etc. For a 2 year old you don’t need to stuff them. He’ll have more fun finding them & playing with the eggs alone. Even if you fill them he’s going to play with the eggs. It’s like the toy in a box. They don’t care about the toy. They’ll play with the box for weeks :rofl:. You can mix match the halves & teach him to match them. Or write a letter of his name on each 1. Teach him the letter, sound & how to arrange them to make his name.

I have koalas that have been a huge hit. My 4 yr old loves hers. They’re soft and she takes it everywhere!!! Www.bearmtnembroideryllc.Etsy.com I also have pigs, alligators, raccoons, and etc.

We’re just putting little individual pieces of candy in some eggs, they’re each getting a little stuffed animal, an Easter book, maybe a couple other small things.

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Bubbles, hot wheels, a kite, fruit snacks, books, pajamas…

You can always put his favorite snacks that you already buy…

I put in nail polish and candy for my daughter, she’s 4 so she’s content with that lol

Bubbles,coloring books,stuff they can play outside with

Boxers ,socks, I always add to my kids baskets…:joy:

Chalk, bubbles , race cars,crayons with coloring book…one year instead of a. Basket I used a pail and shovel

I got my 2 year old nephew a swing set last year for Easter. This year its a sand bucket and shovel with a.coloring book, crayons, stuffed animals, echo microphone, a metal dump truck with a little candy dumped in back, plastic bat and ball. My kids got him a pop up tent. Plus I buy him stuff all year.

Why not get a special puzzle (you came get ones made from a family photo) then put a piece in each egg so once he’s found them his can make the puzzle

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Put money in them. Make it an Easter Treasure hunt. Then he can buy a nice toy of his choice.

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Summer toys, ball, bubbles, chalk, an outfit, little cars/trucks, socks,

Mine get stuff that they’ll use on our summer vacation. Like this summer we’re going to the lake. So their getting fishing rods, tackle boxes, life jackets, beach and water toys swimsuits, goggles, towels, etc.

We will be doing this for my 4yo put the paper on a cookie sheet and the magnet letters will stick!


When I was a kid, we hunted hard boiled eggs that had been dyed different colors. We would do the hunt first thing in the morning, so the eggs didn’t get too warm. Once we found them all, we helped my mom make deviled eggs & egg salad with them.

Our Easter baskets had a variety of old style candies … a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, creme egg candies, etc., and there was usually some sort of toy.

You might try filling the plastic eggs with gold star stickers, or comic character stickers, etc. Or … you could buy a Lego kit, and put each piece in a plastic egg … so that he can’t put the kit together unless he finds all of the eggs. Get creative! Good luck.

Put coins in them. Like anywhere from a few pennies, quarters, a 50 cent piece, a gold dollar, and maybe a 2 dollar bill in a gold egg.

Make coupons for a grab box and each one they pick a prize or have them find so many for diffrent ones.

Stickers, fruit snacks, yogurt covered raisins, stamps, you could also put clues for an age appropriate scavenger hunt. That way they can have some small treats and also get something bigger, like sidewalk chalk, bubbles, outdoor toys, or arts and craft supplies.

We don’t do candy either my kids don’t eat it. In their baskets we do some toys, books, puzzles things like that and then we hide 6 eggs each around the house with money in them and they can spend that on whatever they like!

A nice basket with a simple egg, Easter PJS, and some slippers

fruit roll ups small ritz bits cookie packs

Temporary tattoos, stickers, stamps, coins

One year we spray painted some. The kids got money for different colors. Red $1, blue $2, ect. The camo one was $5 and pretty hard to find.