Essential oils for ADHD?

I need recommendations on essential oils for ADHD. Already on meds but i feel like he needs a little extra help. Thanks.

CBD oil can work for some kids. I heard that lavender is calming as well.


I bought these dissolving apple flavored pills from vitamin cottage when my son was younger. Worked well and he loved them.

Lavendar works very well, in a humidifier at night, or lavendar lotion/ bath soap.

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Essential oils literally have no medical benefit.


Maybe try lavender oil. I would say try over the counter pills called calm child. They do work. They also have liquid I’ve never tried the liquid. I gave my daughter the pills and it worked. She was more calm and could focus at school. I got them at my local vitamin store.

I put lavender oil on my temples and forehead before I go to bed at night, I fall asleep within 5 mins of laying down. I started it because of anxiety and it worked so well that when the anxiety went away I continued using it anyway. They say to use a carrier oil but I never have, I also don’t have very sensitive skin so it doesn’t irritate me at all.

CBD oil worked wonders for my friends son. She told no one she was giving it to him, but his teachers noticed a HUGE difference in his behavior.


Plant therapy has great quality oils that are not super expensive. Good ones for kids too!

doTERRA has an oil called “In Tune”… they also came out with a children’s line.

Definitely look into plant therapy especially the kids safe ones. Quality trusted ingredients but a fraction of the cost and none of the hassle of doterra or young living. I use their sleep ones for my non sleeping toddler and it’s been a miracle

Highly suggest you get your recommendations from a certified aromatherapist- not an mlm rep

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Lavender. Google teas too.

Nothing works I refuse to take the ADHD pills lol I’m funny hyper and i prefer to stay that way lok

Look ar ideas that help him balance better. Example balance beam made from a 2 by 6 and let him walk on it. Touching the wall for balance is ok

CBD oil works for a lot of kids.