Ever since my son had the flu he will not stop spitting

I’m going crazy. My 6 yr old little boy become ill a few months ago with the flu ever since then he won’t stop spitting. It’s driving everyone crazy. He’s made a spit bucket as he calls It. So discussing!!! We will get rid of it; he just makes another. I have taken him to his doctor, a dentist, and a ears nose and throat doctor. They all say he’s fine. I need help I’m at a loss I don’t know what to do it’s interfering with everyone’s daily Life.


When he has the flu did he have alot secretions (phlem) that he had to bring up as he might still have the feeling of that so needs to spit


Tell him to do it into the toilet or the bathroom trash can so people don’t have to see him do it or find his “spit bucket” haha that’s funny but gross.


Tell him spit buckets are not allowed and if he does it again you’ll pour it all over him

I’m so kidding​:rofl::rofl:


That’s gross, lol hope this phase ends soon

He’s doing it because he knows you don’t want him to. Ignore it. Nobody shows any reaction. If he goes a day without spitting thank him. Otherwise don’t pay attention to the negative. He’ll stop sooner with no reaction than he will when he’s getting a reaction.

Well its good he’s doing it in a bucket and not just on the floor? I remember at that age i did the same thing because i was scared to choke​:woman_facepalming:t4::joy: idk why i watched weird shows and one had some guy choking on his tongue and i guess little 5-6 year old me got scared of that so I’d spit out foods when I’d get shaken up at the thought of choking on my food or tongue. It definitely stopped when I got older idk how much older but didn’t last longer than a year id say.

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You believe in naptkins lol

I wish I had a spit bucket. I use paper towels. I am over the flu but still have the nasty flem collecting. No, dont swallow it. Spit it into your bucket,son.

My son got sick years ago and still thinks he got yucky stuff in the back of his throat. He carries water everywhere he goes. He doesn’t drink milk or eat ice cream because he thinks it is going to get worse. Like when you have a cold and eat milk products you do get that yucky feeling in your throat. He also has anxiety that causes that weird tight feeling in your neck. Anyways carry the water bottle makes him feel better. Good luck with your son.

Paper towels or Kleenex my husband did this and just kept either one near him and a garbage can like for a bathroom. It does sound awful though.

Tell him spitting is disgusting and to do it outside in the dirt. Hell get tired of going outside to spit

Just give him a bottle and put a napkin in it. I’m sure this will pass soon. May be just doing it bc he still has phlegm or he discovered it and thinks it’s cool lol. I wouldnt make a big deal about it.

My son is 9 and he does this too! Hes been spitting for a little over a year. We keep a cup in the car for him to spit in otherwise he would spit on the floor. He tries to stop but he does it out of habit. I’m sure it is frustrating for him, he is embarrassed about it. The school has had to make accommodations for this as well. It’s a pain especially if we are at a restaurant or something and he needs to spit. :roll_eyes: He is autistic but his doctor doesn’t believe it has anything to do with that and says he is healthy. Thanks for posting I had a sigh of relief knowing I’m not the only one dealing with this behavior. :hugs:

So gross but I’ve met grown men mostly coworkers that have “spit cans” in their cars/office to spit in, one is even a doctor. And the kicker? They’ve had the habbit since childhood. Thankfully my husband doesn’t have that gross habit.

The only way to stop his problem is hypnosis

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When our house gets sick me and my youngest salivate. No idea why. I’m thinking due to sore throat, not wanting to swallow. Maybe he’s got that left over.

It’s probably a phase. Boys do a lot of gross stuff.

:woman_facepalming: At that age they come up with new things my 7 year old likes making spit bubbles I hate it but she does it more when she knows it gets on my nerves. Dont pay it any mind I wouldn’t call it a bad behavior it was something done while sick and he may not want to stop :woman_shrugging:

I wonder if his throat is hurting him badly? Is he eating and drinking ok? I only say that because I had a tube down my throat once in the hospital and i didn’t want to swallow because it hurt too bad so I spit everything out.

My son is like that when he’s sick make him go spit in the toilet instead then he’ll give up and what help to is brush his teeth and tongue. Give him a towel he can just put it inside his mouth it’ll suck the saliva/spit lol weird thing I tried as a mom when I’m sick my mouth is also watery a lot but kids just don’t know what to do it drove my son crazy but after two days he was fine . If his tongue is dirty it’ll make him spit more soo hope that help

Have him spit in the bathroom sink instead of a bucket that could get spilled :nauseated_face:
My 6 yr old son really likes to spit because he see’s older kids doing it. I let him spit outside or in the sink. He’s starting to grow out of it.

Ignore it he getting attention rather negative or good attention and its reinforces the negative behavior