Everything I eat tastes like garlic/metal: How long did this last for you in early pregnancy?

Well, I am about eight weeks pregnant with my third baby, and morning sickness hasn’t been as bad as my two previous pregnancies. Ever since I’ve been pregnant, EVERYTHING I eat has a Garlic/metallic taste! It makes me sick to the point where I can’t eat any food. has anyone experienced this? How long did it last, and what helped you be able to eat? I’m starving and can’t eat.

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Im 32 weeks now and I had that metal taste till I was about 3 or 4 months. And nothing took it away for me :woman_facepalming:t4: good news it goes away tho

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Never had this but I have heard of it. For most people it subsides after the first trimester.

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I had/have this (it comes and goes now) 16w2d… It wasn’t so much a metallic taste though, more so everything left this god awful taste in my mouth. Sour candy temporarily does the trick, but I mostly just had to wait it out. I can still only drink water, apple and orange juice… Everything else brings that taste back

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It’s a normal pregnancy sign n it can last till second trimester or longer. Try sucking on candy

Metallic taste is a sign of anemia

Brush your teeth (and tongue) 3 to 4 times a day and use a mouthwash. Another good idea is to use saline nose sprays to keep your nose from drying out. Make sure your taking your prenatal vitamin. Sometimes, babies will pull more calcium from teeth and bones and might be causing the taste. If it continues, speak to your doctor and get some blood work done to see if your lacking in any other vitamins or minerals. Also try drinking lemon aid or water with the lemon in it. The citrus might break up the taste. Usually, the taste will go away once your in your second trimester and your pregnancy hormones calm down a little. Hope something helps!

Mine did that with my last pregnancy… and it eased up around the 12 to 14 week mark for me…

Ketosis can cause that metallic taste, its because ur losing weight and dont have enough reserves. Add more proteins to ur diet to prevent muscle wastage and protein rich foods like nuts, cheese and crackers etc can help with the nausea. Drink a lil dry ginger ale mixed with apple juice and a sprig of mint, thats good for nausea too

Pickle juice helped me. I was so sick with my 2nd son that i would puke in my sleep. I puked every time i ate and nothing seemed to help except pickle juice. I would take a few sips a day to help me eat. I didnt understand why and everyone thought i was wierd but i looked it up later on and found out that it has been used to treat nausea for ages. My doctor out me on special vitamins to help and told me to eat peppermint,drink ginger ale…i literally tried it all. I would cry daily because i was starving and tired of getting sick. Hope you find something that works for you.

I had the metallic taste just at the beginning. Pretty sure it went away before the second trimester.

I had that too, esp with asparagus. It just tasted like metal. Don’t think it lasted that long for me (can’t remember too well). Hope yours passes soon!

Nothing helped me. I lost a massive amount of weight do to sever morning sickness

Crackers, toast, water. Try fruit too.

Have them check ur iron levels and ur b12 and magnesium. And u might want consider changing the brand of prenatal vitamins your taking that can cause it as well

Have your levels checked. Olives (green specifically ) are the only temporary fix I could use but enough to eat other things

I have this exact issue right now and I have never heard of it before!! So glad I found this via google. I’m pregnant with my second and the garlic taste in everything is so so awful. I wake up tasting it. I fall asleep tasting it. I’ve tried lots of things hoping it won’t give me the taste. Even candy tastes like garlic to me. Yuck. The taste showed up during my second trimester. I am currently 19weeks pregnant. I had blood work done 5 weeks ago and everything was great. My doc had no concerns. I am at 12.6 iron. That is excellent for a pregnant woman. So I know I’m not anemic. I am so frustrated with this and wish it would leave me in peace. I think I will try sucking on lemon candy next. Hopefully that’ll help.