Ex destroy relationships

I am a single woman who had 4 kids ages 31 -21, I was divorced 7 yrs ago. I moved in with a man I knew for years but nothing physical nor did we meet until last year.
The D.N.A. donor, bc that’s all he offered & that was useful, was jealous of my relationship with my kids. It was hard, I tried and I wan not perfect but when I knew better I did better, Maya Anagellou(?). Anyway, when I move out and on, despite him making it crystal clear he didn’t want me throughout the marriage, when I moved on, he waged a campaign to destroying my relationship with my kids. Why can’t I fix it? Because when he retired from military, I found out what a SICK pervert he is but when I control Ted him, he blamed my daughters husband of hacking his account in his office…nuclear bomb anyone? My daughters best friend tired me off midnight conversations on FB. That was the tip of the iceberg. Fast forward 13 years a divorce, new state and I lost everything to include my personal property. I can not repair the damage he’s done. He turned everyone against me bc I didnt want to drag my daughters friend, Nueces & nephews, sons friends in this fight. So I sit daily in quiet silence, healing my soul but my heart breaks daily bc I can not defend against him. I’m tired of fighting. I’ve been branded & I’df they wanted to they would reach out. This is my story.