False positive SLO syndrome

Has anybody had a false positive for SLO syndrome?!?!? My dr called me on Tuesday to tell me my quad scan (blood test) results came back and I tested positive for SLO syndrome. She also told me how it has a very high false positive rate but that does not help me think everything is okay. I have been an emotional wreck all week long thinking my baby is not okay. My first blood work came back normal and so did my 13 week ultrasound. I go to genetic counseling today. When I first heard genetic counseling I freaked out. I do not need a counseling informing me what this condition is because I have done ALOT of research on it on me own. I don’t want to sit through an hour and a half appointment talking about how to cope with this when I don’t even know if my child has it. Someone please tell me if they have experienced this or any kind of genetic counseling before. Will they do an ultra sound today to check on the baby or am I going to walk out of there today with another week of the unknown. I am 17 weeks today. We have absolutely no history of any kind of genetic problems in either side of our family.

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heavy’’, don’t give up yet’ ‘get another doctors opinion’’’

They thought my now 8yr old had downs. When they sent us in for genetic counseling it was really just giving family history. She didnt counsel us on anything. We then had a level 2 ultrasound and left not knowing anything. Took 2 weeks for them to tell me she didnt have downs… Breathe slow momma.

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just think about it this way. IF your baby has special needs, you’ll want as much time to prepare so you can give your child the best starting from minute 1.

BUT theres also a big chance the test is wrong so it’s good to stay cautiously optimistic at this point!


It’s not a how to cope meeting. It should be a complete family history, lots of blood work, and doing whatever or scheduling more tests and a ultrasound. I just got genetic counseling cause I’m 35.

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I just did genetic counseling back in December. I was told that my daughter was going to have turners syndrome. The genetic counselor was amazing and completely made me feel better. I was scared too going into it, but I left there with more confidence that it was a false positive. I ended up getting amniocentesis done to be sure, and it came back that she was perfectly fine. My daughter is now 3 weeks old and healthy! I know it’s hard, and I didn’t listen when I was told this, but try not to stress until you know for sure. It’s not good for the baby! Make sure you get all the information you want and need and opt for any test to ease your mind


The amnio will tell you for sure.

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Never had a false positive, but if they suspected something and send you to genetic counseling you can opt for amniocentesis or chrionic villi sampling. There’s more tests to be fully informed and I’m sure options as well.

The words “genetic counseling” is misleading. They aren’t counseling you on squat. You’re counseling them on your family history… I left not knowing crap for 10days, has a more in depth ultrasound on the 10th day since I got the news, and didn’t get the results until my next appt, the next month. My baby was fine but it took forever to know that! You’d think they’d move faster as we lose our minds but they don’t :pensive: also stop googling… Google is satan


Genetic counseling isn’t counseling really, it’s more gathering medical history, and answers any questions you have


I went when I was pregnant with my twin boys. During the appointment we went over both are family history.

You can get a false positive. My dr said take 2000 women all pregnant the same time 20 of them will come back positive only 5-10 of them will actually have downs…the genetic counseling is a lie it’s just to gather family history and what not

I had a false positive with my daughter, she will be 6 next week. I went to the counselor at 18 weeks, asked family history, had me sign a form that I didnt want an amniocentesis unless the ultrasound came back abnormal, found out 2 weeks later that everything was normal. If I remember right my doctor said your hormones can set it off.