Family beach must haves?

Momas I’m preparing to go to the beach for first time with my toddler, 2yoa. What are beach must haves? What did you take that was useful with your toddler? Tents/carts/toys?


Bring your stroller or wagon to put them in when they get overstimulated or need to eat or walk to the bathroom/car whatever it helps so much and we finally remembered to bring our toddlers floatie for the first time the other day she loved it something to put them in so you’re not just stuck chasing them the entire day is a life saver!

Bring an inflatable pool, they can play in water without going in the waves.

We did this last year, with my then 2 year old. A beach blanket, a camping chair, a sun hat, a life jacket/swim jacket, water shoes. I got her a set of sandbox toys, because they were so much cheaper than beach toys :woman_shrugging:t3:

Life jacket (and leave it on bc they run so fast sometimes!)
Little rake

Hat/ sun protection cream

Life vest/jacket
Beach toys
Portable play yard/pen for when toddler needs to take a nap.
I prefer reusable swim diapers( Charlie Banana or Green Sprouts.)
Plenty of snacks and drinks!
A wagon to carry the things
Stay alert and keep your eyes on baby at all times!

Main thing. Don’t take your eyes off that baby.

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Sunscreen, lifejacket , fitted sheet , an umbrella, sand toys, snacks, drinks, water shoes, and maybe a long lead lesh lol jk about the lesh !!!

Snacks, juice, stuff to make sand castles,

Put cornstarch in a container with a shaker top ( an old parmesan cheese container works great). When you need to get the sand off your little one’s tender areas, just shake some on, and the sand falls right off!


Baby powder(helps remove sand) spray bottle of vinegar(in case of stings by jellyfish, etc) these are the a lot of people don’t know. Other than that… sunscreen of course, take a jacket for chilly nights, medicine for fever/pain.

You can take a plastic shower curtain and dig you a hole and fill with water may be easier than an inflatable pool