Father's Day gift ideas?

What is something I can get my boyfriend and my dad for Father’s Day? I am at a loss. We have done tools, coffee cups, hats, and t-shirts. I was looking for something unique.


Do they have any specific activities they like to do? For example a big golf player might like new clubs. For my dad last year, he goes to the chiropractor to get adjusted 2-3 times a month because he has an old work injury. So I bought him 2 sessions which he appreciated so much.

Tickets to a sporting event or concert

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Personalized book. I used Wonderbly


No lie, we buy my husband some kind of hot sauce every year. Different tastes from different places :yum:

Something like this but homemade for your bf. You can do the same with your father if you have pictures from over the years growing up.

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I’m getting this for my stepdad but no clue what to get my dad for Father’s Day.

I turned my boyfriend and son into bobs burgers characters i used sock and key company they also have different characters to choose from

Axe throwing experance


Gift cards to his favorite place

Pocket knife engraved

A knife engraved with their name

I ordered my husband a keychain with a saying on it and a picture on the other side. Also doing a handprint canvas.

A gift card to bass pro-shop lol

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Highly suggest Mancrates. I got the jerky one last year and the hubby loved it.

How about a memory? Go to an amusement park, NASCAR race, a new restaurant, a play …whatever he is into. Maybe something he hadn’t done before. Make it a family event. Just give him the tickets on Father’s Day and spend the day lazing around with him and the kids. Go with the whole family another day.

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I’m trying figure that out my6

If kids are little make him a T-shirt or sweatshirt with their handprints and names on it.

If the kids are verbal, ask them what they love about their dad & write it down. Make a booklet of the quotes with their illustrations.

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We let Dada buy something off of marketplace that he couldn’t justify buying… he got to choose… my kids are 2 months and 2yrs

Let’s the kids choose a gift for dad and you get creative for yours

My husband loves thoughtful DIY things I do.

I got my hubby some reusable bullet ice cube things 4 his whiskey. Hes really into guns, knives and ammo so it was perfect gift. My daughter picked out a shop sign 4 the garage 4 her dad and a spare change jar 4 her pops that is a glass version of an old jug.

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There’s one gift a father is waiting for is for his daughter to find a caring loving husband and for the husband a nice meal with your father And family will be nice I have two daughters it’s just having them around was the best gift I ever received honestly

I got my husband a customized dinosaur shirt. It has a daddy dinosaur and 3 baby dinosaurs trailing behind it and it has our kids names. This year we ended up with a foster daughter so the shirt says “it’s not a dad bod. It’s a FATHER FIGURE!” And he LOVED it. I gave it to him when it arrived in the mail.


Honestly go on Amazon and look up things they like. My dad likes the football team the Rams so I get him stuff like that, my husband likes his Xbox so accessories or they both like whiskey and cigars so whiskey stones, a decanter, a humidifier. There’s lots of unique things and can even put a spin on something like my dad has a big Son’s Of Anarchy ash tray because he loves the show and cigars.

Gift card to favorite spot.

I generally type in father’s day gifts on Amazon… They have really good options and they are unique and custom

RPD Pro Series Rod Holder https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08H181MX5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_N5DWBC2GTFPVRM3SV40Y

If they love fishing… this rod holder is really nice… better than pvc pipe.

Custom corn hole boards, homemade blanket, slippers and a robe, watch, new sunglasses, electronic photo frame, an Etsy photo converted to a sketch and frame it.

I took the kids shopping last year, with dad and gave them each $20 to buy what they thought he needed. They loved it and he loved it too An than took him to dinner.

I’m giving my husband a spa day on Father’s Day. He’s not the type to treat himself or get some relaxation. Plus hoods work is extremely physical B and taxing on his body. So I got him 5 hours of relaxation massages. Pedi. Sauna. Float therapy. Facial with some champagne; chocolate covered strawberries and a catered lunch… the whole royal treatment!!! All things he has NEVER experienced and wouldn’t get on his own. I’ll drop him off in am and pick him up later in the day for a nice dinner :woman_shrugging:t2: honestly i feel like he will enjoy this experience a lot more than anything i could buy him as he isn’t really into anything in particular.

A great big hug and thank you for being there for you

I’ve seen ad’s for personalized wallets

A snack basket , a movie bucket with there favorite movie snacks and a movie, a grilling kit, a car kit for detailing, make a nice meal and do something they like fishing or something they’ve wanted to do for a while. A father’s day breakfast home made cards and they choose what they want to do. I think it depends on the person what they enjoy. Honestly a gifts a gift it shows care , interest and attention to someone .

Wats he into…like his interests

Best gift is to have his family with him!!

I painted a rock and it say dad you rock with her hand print on it aswell

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They have these books called hooray heroes and you can customize the characters to look like dad and the the kids it is super cute

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I did a personalized book with him and our boys! Cannot wait to see it

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I made my husband a cellphone case from castify, I was able too add photos of him and our son and some of his favorite photos. I gave it to him early bc I was excited ! He really loves it!

Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and get them one of those big 5 gallon buckets and fill it up with random items such as car wash/detailing cleaners, work gloves, small tools, gift cards, or whatever items you know they would use or like.