Fathers Day ideas?

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I have been trying to figure out the best Father’s day present to get the father of my girls. Their dad is a wonderful dad but his girlfriend is very possessive and sees everything I do as a threat to him and her. So something that says thanks for being a great dad but not anything she could get upset about.

And before it gets stated. Him and I are good friends and great co parents but it’s never going any further. We split weeks with the kids and help each other out when possible. It’s better for our kids to see us getting along and that 2 people can have a child and not make it a full on war


Just look at the other post when someone asked basically the same question…

🤷 ummm let the girls make him something. Nothing to do with you… Pinterest


Pinterest has lots of great DIY crafts the kids can do at pretty much any age.

Depends on how old the girls are. You could get some large photo frames and fill them with pictures of the kids and their dad and some of their artworks. Get the girls to write in cards. Get them to pick out a father’s day coffee mug and some socks. :woman_shrugging: just make it about the kids and their dad, don’t go spending big money on him or get him things from you. She really can’t say anything then.


First I just want to say I love how you guys coparent and still think of doing things for the holidays or one another. You could always get a cute photo frame that holds three pictures and take 3 separate pictures of your girls holding up the letters “DAD” I think the letter cost a dollar or two at Walmart and the frame I got was $10 at big lots! Once it’s in the frame it’ll look something like this


He obviously needs to be with someone more mature. If she can’t respect him keeping a cordial relationship for his children then he needs to find someone who can, but also like someone else said maybe some homemade gifts from the kids that you could help them make?


I’m sorry but get, make him whatever you want it’s from the kids the girlfriend is petty and if she is like that then he should run for the hills don’t allow her to dictate or change whatever you’d like to get for him


My kids did this for their father and me and him are not together and his gf is the same. Its about the kids not yall.

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Let them make him something. It’s something sentimental from them and not something that she could say is from you. Hopefully he’ll find someone more understanding of what’s best for his family.

Get him a t-shirt that says “best dad ever” or “I love my dady”

Let the kids make him something!