Feeling lost.. advice needed

Me and my bf haven’t been getting along. We got in a fight as we were going somewhere and he thought I said he didn’t care about me but I was trying to say he doesn’t care about my feelings and before he let me finish my sentence he started telling me off saying “F off” and go f myself and that he’s the only one that does for me and I don’t even bat an eye which made me upset cause he tells that’s a boundary for him (the F you or F off) but apparently it’s ok for him to say! Then he started speeding. Our youngest was in the vehicle mind you! I then said about going home and he stopped the vehicle and Told me to get out I said I wasn’t getting out cause I have no diapers and then to take me home (we own a home together) and I said I’ll get mine and the kids things and go to my parents he said no and ur not taking my baby and to get out and told me he’s calling cps cause he was going to put me out of the vehicle with no diapers? Lol like idk then he started driving and pulled over on the highway I told him to calm down and he said im gonna call 911 and tell them to remove you before I do something I grabbed the phone and told him he needs to calm down and he started cursing again I threw the phone on his lap and went to undo my seatbelt and before I could he grabbed the back of my hair and pulled and shook me. Our youngest saw and said no no daddy and was quiet the rest of the way, Im completely lost now he wants an apology and I feel bad I can’t give him one but i don’t understand what I even did to make him so mad. Im taken my space before we talk but I don’t know how to fix this! I don’t understand what’s wrong with me! If you made it this far thanks I just needed to vent and i’m not wanting to talk to family at this time.

There is NOTHING alright about his demeanor!!! I won’t reprimand you regarding your post because I don’t know you or your upbringing. I’m not certain if you’re ready to get out of this relationship or not … only you would know.

What I DO know, is your baby should never have to witness such verbal, mental, and physical abuse; nor should you have to be the recipient of it! If you are ready to remove this person from yours and your baby’s life? I highly suggest “document, document, document”! Print out this post, where you’ve reached out to others for advice, and any “PRODUCTIVE” responses. Then I would file an emergency restraining order (RO) against him without his knowledge. When you go to court for the final hearing, you can bring all your documentation, along with any witnesses, and present it to the judge.

Put your baby FIRST regarding decisions you make. Keep your heart out of any considerations; because, now you have another human being to protect. Everything stopped being about you once you gave birth to your baby!!!

Best of luck to you ~

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