Fiancé thinks baby gift cards are for him to spend on self

My fiancé’s boss gave him a card addressed to both of us with six gift cards. One to Amazon, visa gift card, buy buy baby, and three to restaurants. He was going to keep them all, but I said no they are for the baby and us explaining that it’s probably meant to buy food for us while we are home caring for the baby. He also didn’t give me the card to even look at. He did take a picture. Also, I will be home for six weeks and not able to go out much in that time for food. It’ll have to be delivered. He thinks that giving me two food cards and the baby store card and keeping the other three for himself is okay. I feel that since I have bought all the baby stuff and I mean all of it(he paid me back half) that he should give them to me to use for formula and diapers and food when baby is first coming home. I think it’s okay for us to use the food cards on a meal for us both but for him to think they are just for him to use seems wrong to me. He feels I am totally wrong. We cannot agree so I need advice. He says he’s going to spend them on him and his kids from his previous marriages and that I can use the ones he gave me on my kids or my family. Who is right? Are they for us both? Is it fair for him to take half for just him? I also need to mention that I am sacrificing 6 weeks of pay and my job for our baby while he gets to go back to work and will be paid the entire time even when he’s home with me for the first week. He still expects to me to pay half of all the bills during this time.

NO, those are for baby and you after birth. Not for him… tf